Thursday Class Descriptions

Florida Power Exchange 2018 information coming soon!!! Until then, take a look at our past year to get an idea of what Florida Power Exchange is all about!!


Thursday Night Classes – Block 1 4pm to 5:30pm

Dungeon Etiquette & Negotiations – Lady Leigh

This class explores the etiquette and protocols of public play spaces and basics of negotiations. What to expect when you visit a dungeon. How should you dress? How do you meet others? Do you have to be part of a couple? What are the rules for play and socializing? What about negotiations? All of these questions and many many more are answered. This presentation is an open discussion.
Negotiations & other how to questions & answers will cover negotiating everything from pick up play to relationships. We will cover checklists, do and don’ts of negotiating, limits and boundaries, safety in play and affirmative negotiating. With Scene building we will cover the basics of planning and prepping for a scene. How to build up, warm up, what if things go wrong, and also post-scene/aftercare topics. Also will cover building a starter toy bag, what should a bottom have of their own and dropping and how to care for yourself/ your partner.

Personal Bubble – Kiltman

Sometimes a night out doesn’t go as planned and maybe someone had a bit too much to drink or won’t take no for answer. Discover ways to increase awareness, create space, and be safer.

Care and Feeding of non biological cocks – Sundragon

What is the difference between a strap-on dildo and a non-biological cock? This class explores the process of creating a mental, emotional, and spiritual connection to a detachable penis. Whether you have one, want to have one, or want to play with people who have one, you’ll learn how to intensify the experience for everyone involved. We’ll briefly cover the basics of gear and etiquette, and then dive into the care and feeding of cocks through language, energy, and protocols. We’ll also talk about techniques for bonding with non-bio cocks and interacting with cock owners.

Self play -YeldahTova

If you are a single bottom/submissive, a switch or if you do not live with your Top/Dominant, then self-play might be just right for you.
I discovered SELF-PLAY quite by accident. Six years ago, while at Beyond Leather 4 in Fort Lauderdale my then Master was having a scene with His wife and I was standing to the side watching. I had my favorite custom made flogger hanging over my shoulders when I started to lightly swing it at myself. A few minutes later I was swinging it harder as I was beginning to get into a different headspace, one that I have ever experienced before.
Over the past six years I have collected many different toys/implements for self-play. Different types of Floggers, Dragon Tails, Pervertables and even knives. A personal
scene can be erotic/sensual and/or one as hard or soft that YOU wish it to be. Last year at FPE I was told that watching me have a scene with myself was like watching an erotic dance.
For me, self-play can also be therapeutic. I have arthritis, fibromyalgia and Central Sensitivity Syndrome. When my nerve endings are on fire, when my joints or bones just hurt self-play can help relieve the bad type of pain.
In this class I will show you some of the techniques that I have come up with for selfplay as you either begin to discover your own or add some new ones. If you already do self-play please come and share what you do. If you have a toy bag bring it, as this will be a hands-on class. If you don’t have any ofyour own toys don’t worry, there will be some that you can use.