2018 Contestants

  – KruellaA and Litigatrix 

KruellaA and Litigatrix have been prowling and growling around the Tampa Community since 2014. Their primal dynamic begins from the idea that every person in the Pride must undergo constant personal evolution to adapt and overcome repeated power struggles to prove that one has earned their place in the dynamic. As the Pride Alpha, KruellaA earns the right to rule the dynamic through force of personality, ethics, intellect, and will. The Pride operates on a “power with,” rather than a “power over” model, meaning that while the dynamic contains elements of traditional Dom/sub power structures, their dynamic centers around the Pride Alpha pushing each member of the Pride to grow individually and as a part of the relationship. KruellaA and Litigatrix have been active in the Tampa Bay community, running Tampa Coffee Time from 2016 to present, teaching the “trans* 101” class at FPE 2015, and taking part in socials and discussion groups from both the leather and fetish communities.

Cole and Kiltman

Cole and Kiltman have a 24/7 relationship that includes power exchange, kink, creative partnership, personal growth, co-parenting, polyamory, and so much more.

They desire to show the community that you can pick and choose from a surprising number of fetishes, work them into micro-scenes to keep your relationship fresh and at the top of your mind (even when busy with life), and encourage and empower all involved to be the best versions of themselves without worrying about emulating stereotypes and templates.

Best described as “A Queen & Her Knight”, this power couple embraces the silly and geeky side of their shared sense of humor, but is equally likely to be found dancing with their darkest shadows.

Mhirokata and A Midnight Angel 

Mhirokata is 44-year-old and currently considers himself a Sado-Dominant who identifies as Bi-sexual. He has 24 years of experience in the community and is currently following a Leather path with both of his girls. Throughout his time, he has shared his knowledge presenting through-out the southeast and Florida.

Mhirokata has his career based in caring for others and works as a Therapist specializing in rehabilitation and alternative modalities since 2012 and enjoys the positive changes he can make in the lives of others.

Being a bit of an edge player he enjoys needles taking pride and his LOBAN acceptance, fire play, forced take down scenes, breath play, race play, and medical play. MHirokata also is a Scout Leader for little scout’s troop 727 where he strides to provide a safe space for littles to grow and explore their little natures.

The needs of the community are great and MHirokata is presently works with giving his time to the Lymphoma Society and American Heart Association and has worked with the Make a Wish Foundation, Susan G. Khomen, Wounded Warrior, American Diabetes Foundation, and supports the title funds for both FPE and FLFP run.

A Midnight Angel is a title holder for the Ms. Florida Leather N Fetish Pride 2017, and was recently pinned in November 2017 into Mama’s family as Mama’s Midnight Angel. She also serves as the Florida liaison for Hard Pink Sisterhood to help empower other women to stand strong, and support each other, as well as she is currently an associate member of Onyx Pearls SE.

A Midnight Angel has over 20 years of experience in the BDSM Lifestyle and has traveled and educated others in the BDSM lifestyle both in the US and Canada and is passionate about educating the community and talking about her journey that has gotten her where she is today.

A Midnight Angel has served her community in many ways, from being a head judge at Florida Leather N Fetish Pride 2017 and will return as a judge for 2018, she also has been a Tally Master for FPE, served as a DM for One Common Community at Fetish Con, and has been involved with assisting FPE from 2015-2017 as handling the auction baskets & Raffle ticket sales.

Both Mhirokata and A Midnight Angel has educated at the following events: Fetish Con (2001-2005), (2011-Present),FLAC (2013-2015),WOLF (2013-Present), The LXIX (2014-Present), Florida Power Exchange (2015), Kinky Camp Out (2014-Present) Florida Leather & Fetish Pride (2014-Present) Mr. Code (2014-2015), E-P-I-C (2014),South East Leather Fest (2016), Spring Fling Leather Fest (2017), Dom Con Atlanta (2015), Dom Con NOLA (2016 – 2018).

Together this dynamic duo is passionate about education, and community service and enjoy supporting current and past and upcoming title holders in fundraisers to help them in their travels.