2018 Judges

Head Judge : Daddy Mo
Daddy Mo has been in the leather lifestyle since 1997. He has been a guest presenter to post graduate students at Florida International University speaking on BDSM, Polyamory & homosexuality. She has also been a guest presenter at events like Orlando & Tampa Bash and WILF as well as groups like WOLF, WinK, SLLAP, WELL and NLA-CFL to name a few. He is/has been a member of NLA, NLA-CFL, SLLAP and WOLF and one of the founding members of NLA-CFL. She co-founded a lifestyle discussion group for women known as the Women’s Power Exchange Network (WPEN). Even with everything listed here, Daddy Mo continues to learn, grow and adapt in this lifestyle.


Judge Panel 2018

Big Red
is an equal opportunity Gender-Queer, Woman of Color, Queer Mother, sensual and sadistic Femme Daddy, who is a performance and Erotic Spoken Word Artist celebrated for her ability to “wear many different shoes”.With a proven and long-standing commitment to education and training, one of her current passions is creating new community connections while presenting and educating at various Community Professional, and Lifestyle events.



is a devoted slave to his Master, Sir Luke. his perspectives include ideas of intersectionality, education, and reducing stigmas around mental health. His genderqueer expression of self is an anchor to their feelings of authenticity and empowerment.

Sir Luke and his victor hold the Florida Power Exchange title from 2016-17 and speak often about the radicalization of queer Leathersex, the power of the choices we make, and about practical relationship tools to navigating mental health in power exchange relationships.

victor is also a critical artist, studying a combination of fine arts, psychology and Japanese culture. he shares the love of ritual, formality and cultural expressions and is always looking to expand his world view to better not just himself, but his actuation of service as a passionate slave.


SIR Shadow came into the Leather/BDSM lifestyle in 2008 when he met hisleather family who coached and guided him to his role as a SIR. He met his huspup (husband/pup), Pup Otter, as a brother in this family, and they became best friends and later partners in crime.

Even with a background and training in Gay Leather Old Guard, SIR Shadow does not bind himself to those roles and strives to learn more about the otherworlds and communities around him. SIR Shadow is working to bring Unity toCommUNITY and takes many opportunities to meet new people and explore new worlds of kink.


Ms. Piper
She left bible college in pursuit of her real self in 2013. April 11, 2013 was her first public munch and she has not looked back since. She originally started her training as a slave but now identifies as an alpha submissive, a Middle girl, and a Handler. She has been in service to The House of Pumpkin for 4 years. She serves as the alpha service submissive to this loving kinky family of 9. In 2016 she was honored to win the title of Ms. Spring Fling Leather Fest. In 2017 she was honored to be added to Mama’s Family as Mama’s Middle Girl. These days you can find her serving her leather community through teaching classes, promoting middle awareness and, a BE ALL THE THINGS attitude! Also she can be found serving as a case worker for The Leather Heart Foundation. If you really want to get to know her though you need to look where the wild things are!!