Class Block Schedule

Consider this your simple break down to use throughout the weekend each day! Click the day to see that Day’s class descriptions!
The way the list is displayed is as follows – Class Track  | Class Name  |  Presenter – the color of the class track is the class room that it is in.

 * Schedule may be subject to change, we will do our best to keep it up to date and notify attendee’s of changes.


Block 1 — 3pm – 4pm

Newbie Track  |  At first Glance  |  Sir Gethan & Roseblu
Concept becoming Real  |  Spirituality, Religion, Mastery, and slavery  |  Master Icedog & slave ravyn
Relationship Track
  |  Poly 101 – Starting and/or building a Poly Family  |  Big John
Just be you  |  Power Exchange?!  |  Ava & Meredith

Block 2 — 4:15pm – 5:30pm

Newbie Track  |  FPE Dungeon  101 – How we do it here  |  Trance and Jarg
Concept becoming real  |  BDSM Relationships – 50 Shades of Power Exchange |  Mistress Monee & Tric
Relationship Track |  Strategic Polycule Planning   |  Dr Patty
Just be you |  Power Exchange?!  |  Ava & Meredith – 2nd Hr



Block 3 — 9am – 10:30am

Beyond the Dungeon  |  Recovery & Reconnect  |  Master Icedog & slave ravyn
Panel Discussion  |  Edge Play   |  Stacy, Master Brandon, Phoenix Rose,  and Aemok
Raise your Energy(Nonplay)    |  Darker Side |  Pup otter
Relationship Track  |  Longevity in the Lifestyle  |  Max & CJ
Everyday Living Toolkit  |  Fighting Fair  |  The Lady

Block 4 — 11am – 12:30pm

Beyond the Dungeon  |  Hosting a Party  |  Sir Luke & His victor
Panel Discussion  |  Edge Play  |  Stacy, Master Brandon, Phoenix Rose,  and Aemok|  2nd Hr
Raise your Energy(Nonplay)  |  Slave Positions  |  Master Oakman & slave diamond
Relationship Track   |  ‘We fit us, You should fit you.’  |  Master Michael and slave Rebekah
Everyday Living Toolkit  |  The Addict in the lifestyle  |  Sir Shadow

Block 5 — 1:45pm – 3pm

Beyond the Dungeon |  Realities of TPE   |  Miss Rae & chris
Raise your Energy(Nonplay) |  Crystal Healing in the lifestyle  |  Katarina Ravenwolf & Morgana Moonraven
Relationship Track  |  Empowering Relationships with Tools for Success: Consent, Contracting, Self-love & Transactional Analysis  |  Michael Holler
Everyday Living Toolkit  |  Does Long Distance D/s really work?  |  Master Tony & boy shane

Block 6 — 3:30pm – 5pm

Beyond the Dungeon  |  Misconceptions about the scene  |  Switch Jake
Raise your Energy(Nonplay)  |  FPE Contest
Relationship Track  |  LIFE IS FUCKED UP CRAZY…  |  Yeldah Tova



Block 7 — 9:30am – 11am

Outside the Lines   |  Bratting basics! It’s more than just glitter bombs!  |  ecto gammat
Panel Discussion  |  Labels – one size does not fit all  |  Phoenix Rose, pup bandit, Mikey , Kali, and ava
Raise your Energy(play)  |  Flogging Recharged  |  Master Cecil & darcy
Food for Thought  |  To thine own self be True  |  Master Blue & slave sheri
Long term Toolkit  |  Protocols and Rituals: Why Use them and how to get started?  |  Master Oakman & slave diamond

Block 8 — 12pm – 1:30pm

Outside the Lines  |  Welcome to the Dark Side. What I wish I had been told when I came into the public / semi-public scene. | Master Alan
Panel Discussion  |  Labels – one size does not fit all  |  Phoenix Rose, pup bandit, Mikey , Kali, and ava | 2nd Hr
Raise your Energy(play)  |  Impact Play and Erotic Face Slapping  |  Master Talon & justkathy
Food for Thought  |   Are you Leather?  |  PupOtter
Long term Toolkit |   Sex Magic  |  Mistress Monee & Tric

Block 9 — 2:45pm – 4pm

Outside the Lines  Rattling Gender Constructs  |  Stella
Panel Discussion  |  Mentor Time | See class Description for Thursday
Raise your Energy(play)  |  Gender Blending, Fucking, Bending, and Play in BDSM  |  Sir Big Red
Food for Thought  |  Power Bonds: Power Exchange in Polyamory  |  Nikki Robbins
Long term Toolkit |  Danger Will Robinson! Warning Signs & Red Flags  |  Master Blue & slave sheri

Block 10 — 4:30pm – 6pm

Outside the Lines  |  How to train your squirrel   |  Switch Jake
Panel Discussion  |  Mentor Time | 2nd Hr
Raise your Energy(play) |  Let’s get Physical: Incorporating touch and physical play into bondage   |  Running Aemok
Food for Thought  |  Estate Planning for Non-Traditional Families   |  Stacy



Block 10 — 9am – 10am

Self care Con drop prevention wind down space

Block 11 — 10am – 11:30am

Dominants Discussion  |  This will be a round table discussion about dominance, and the Top side of Power Exchange
Submission Discussion  |  This will be a round table discussion about submission and the bottom side of Power Exchange
Out of the Box Discussion  |  Switch? Still learning? Don’t fit the normal ideas of the two above? Come discuss here!
Poly topics Discussion   |  Multiple relationships can be hard to manage; come join this open discussion about the triumphs and the omphs of poly.

Block 11 — 11:30am – 1am

Town Council – A time and space to say thanks to presenters, staff, share what you got from the weekend or have a long goodbye.