Friday Class Descriptions

Florida Power Exchange 2018 information coming soon!!! Until then, take a look at our past year to get an idea of what Florida Power Exchange is all about!!


Here you will find the class descriptions for all the classes that will be available for the Friday blocks. Read through, find what catches your eye and start planning your classes to attend!

Block 2 — 9am to 10:30am

 Art of Letting go – Enowa

Rituals and self care a person can practice day to day by themselves This can help ease the transition from a stressful day into the Power Exchange dynamic.

The Quiet Dom – Sir Shadow

Not all Doms are extroverts! Have you been confused as an submissive just cause you are not the outgoing one in your dynamic? Finding your way, as an introvert, in an extrovert’s world. This is not just for dominates, but for all introverts who look to find ways of coping with social anxiety in the extrovert world.

Mono/Poly – Master Orindil & Fallible Being

You can’t help who you fall in love with. On occasion a monogamous person falls for a polyamorous person. It can be tricky if two people don’t exactly want the same thing. We will discuss how through effective communication, acceptance, and yes, compromise… neither partner feels like they are losing. We will discuss common issues that come up, like jealousy and insecurity, we will discuss ways of helping you and your partner remain secure and loved in your relationship and the importance of honest, open communication. We will also discuss the difference between open relationships, swinging and polyamorous relationships…

Brat Basics – Autumn

Brats. You hate ’em. You love ’em. They’re the cilantro of the kink world. : ) This class focuses on the general types of brats, how to talk to them, how to negotiate with them, the differences between punishment and “fun”ishment, and what obstacles brats face within our lifestyle. So, if you’ve ever been curious about them, you don’t know what to do with them, or you’d like to meet one and not have to deal with all the glitter–this is the class for you.

Block 3 — 11am to 12:30am

Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and Switches. Are they Real? – The Lady

In this facilitated discussion style class we will touch on a range of issues that affect you when you identify as a switch.
We’ll look at what it means to us to identify this way (are “true” switches even real?!?), how our relationships may overlap, and what our community might have to say about this particular identity.

No Fair!” – Stinkin’ Thinkin’ in Power Exchange – Kevin & Katie

We all invest a lot of energy into things we cannot change. As you start, build, and maintain your power exchange relationship it is possible to fall into patterns of thinking and reacting that undermine the dynamic. We cling to irrational and destructive beliefs. This class discusses how to alter your thoughts to get the results you want. What do you think and do when there is a conflict of opinion in your relationship? As a Leader, what internal messages do you allow to drive you? As a Follower, what thoughts play inside your head that interfere in your role? You can alter your perspective and strengthen your dynamic.

Butler’s book – Aemok

As a submissive, you may strive to make your service seem effortless and anticipatory. This can be a challenge when you’re juggling relationships, families, work, and social lives of multiple people! One way to keep all the information organized and easy to use is through developing a Butler’s Book. Also known as a Service Journal, these handy tools can help you stay on top of schedules, preferences, and other important information to help your service shine. This class will discuss options for setting up your Butler’s Book, commonly included sections and more.

The business, mechanics and legal issues of living in a poly house. – Big John

Ok so you have all the emotional and jealousy issues figured out (or at least bolted down enough not to spray the walls any more). Now you want to get to the nut and bolts of living together as a poly family. This class will cover more of the mechanics of a poly house. Things like money, Shared property, legal status (including picking a lawyer if needed). And even cover the icky subjects of medical, estate, and even death planning. Several options will be covered for all sorts of different dynamics, ranging from tightly bonded long term families to more fluid mobs.

Block 4 — 1:45pm to 3pm

Our Bodies – Panel – Aemok, Topher, TheStuntdouble, Selene & Autumn

From mainstream media to K&P our world is filled with images which influence our ideals of beauty and ourselves and though the lifestyle still tends to be more accepting, body confidence issues are something many of us still struggle with. This panel hopes to open the conversation about our relationships with our bodies. By sharing our own journeys and engaging attendees to discuss common themes that affect people regardless of size such as body shaming and judgment and find alternatives that promote healthy, body positive outlooks.

The Power of Archetypes – Lady Elsa

Teacher, priest, victim, queen, servant, child — the archetypes that resonate with you can affect the way you see yourself and others in the BDSM world. Using Carolyn Myss’s Archetype cards, this workshop helps you name your own core archetypes and those of your partner(s), and to take a look at the archetypes of the people you react most strongly to, positively or negatively. You’ll come away with new ideas about how you can use archetypes in your everyday life, in your spiritual practice, and in your SM scening.

Metamor Lovemapping – Dr. Harmony

One of the best ways top establish trust is in a poly dynamic is through connection and getting to know someone. Lovemapping, a tool used for establishing friendships in relationships, is an excellent tool for metamors to establish trust in thier dynamics. This class is designed to teach polycules how to used lovemapping as a tool for poly success.

       Sensation to Subspace without Impact  – Lady Leigh

You know that awesome trip to subspace you take when you’ve had your endorphins go sky high from an intense flogging or other impact scene? Did you know you can do
the very same thing without impact at all? Yes you can! You can go to subspace with nothing but sensation play. Learn how to enjoy all the different sensations and fun
implements you can use to heighten the experience for both top and bottom. Experience touch, breath, and uses of toys and implements like you never imagined
(this is one of my favorite classes to teach, to watch the awe on faces when they see what can be done with absolutely NO impact!)

Block 5 — 3:30pm to 5pm

Mental Health – Panel – Victor, Aemok, and others (full panel still pending)

Stigma of any kind can be a devastating force, it is something that we experience quite often as those that engage in a lifestyle that people don’t understand. Many of us know how it feels to be closeted, persecuted or even desperately alone until we find a community that understands us.
You are not alone.
In this session we will be hosting a panel that includes several persons whom not only live within a community of peers within BDSM, but also who strive to educate and reduce stigma surrounding Mental Health and how it affects our lives and relationships. We will strive to create an open forum to provide personal experiences, a safe place to talk and even try to plan for a more inclusive future.

Pup 101 – Topher

Interactive class to discuss the origins and history of puppy. The progression of puppy over the decades and where it is now. Removing common misconceptions of pup play. Education about safety (both medical and mental). Basics about puppy/critter play such as tools, equipment, and headspace. Partners of Pups/critters and their needs as well as responsibilities. All are welcome, new or experienced.

Building the relationship you desire – Master Talon & justkathy

We’ve all seen great relationships and wondered what the magic is and how we can build our own versions. Join Master Talon and justkathy as we explore and practice with tools used to identify what you truly desire, techniques to build a solid foundation and measures to nurture the relationship of your dreams.


Stealth Protocals – Sir Gethan

This class is about having your own protocols in whatever your chosen dynamic and taking them out into public. Like a ninja hiding in plain sight, or a delta force fire team infiltrating hostile territory, it is entirely possible to still continue to do all of the service tasks and protocols that you do when you are at home. All you have to do is learn how to disguise and use subtle subterfuge to disguise the real intent behind the seemingly mundane.