Events In 2019

Florida Power Exchange 2019:
The Fabric of Us!

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Here is what we did: Florida Power Exchange 2018: You Are Not Alone!


Welcome to year 6! We are excited to share some new moments with you, and of course we are bringing back ones that you love!  Some new events to look forward to:

  1.  Class Blocks FPE is changing up our classes this year and creating theme blocks for you! Like a certain topic? Then you know all those classes will be in one room. Our Panel classes are changing too. Each panel class will be double the normal time, to give you more changes to connect, share and learn. Check out the event schedule and class descriptions for details.
  2. FPE Kinky Community Fair The FPE Kinky Community Fair is coming to you Thursday night! Step up and play a kinky game and trade your tickets in for some prizes at the concession stand. Get ready for some amazing shows as well!  Sit back and join us for our first annual “FPE’s Next Top Presenter show… who do you think the judges will like? End the evening with a tons of laughter and fun as we bring back FPE Team Challenge. It’s going to be a great night of fun, games, shows, community connections and more! Thursday 8pm – Midnight 
  3. FPE’s Next Top Presenter! Get ready for a fun and (sorta) serious game show!  Have you ever wanted to present at FPE but weren’t sure how to get started? Do you have an idea but would love feedback on it? Are you new to presenting and are ready to throw your hat into the ring? Join us for this fun game show where three lucky attendees will get the opportunity to pitch their idea and get feed back from the panel of (crazy but fun) judges. Winner gets a spot at FPE 2019. Who do you think will win? Thursday night
  4. Team Challenge – It is back!  Get ready to join your team and see if you can become the winner of the 2018 Team Challenge! It’s a fun, silly, sexy and sometimes crazy game that has you working together for points galore! It’s a great way to connect with your attendees in a fun way. You never know what you may be asked to do! Thursday night
  5. FPE Art Night Gala: Dress up (or come casual if that’s your thing) and join us for our Friday Night Art Gala. There will be local artists showcasing their work in Artist Row, as well as an opportunity for you to partake in a community two art projects. On the main stage we will be premiering the documentary: KinkPhobia. Also, Take a moment to be apart of a special Photography project that speaks to the theme of “You Are Not Alone.”, as well as a canvas print project. Friday 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  6. Lil’s Activity Room: You spoke and we answered! This year we are bringing back our Lil”s room dedicated to bringing out your inner little!  This room will be open during con hours and will have free play and planned activities. Spend some time coloring, playing video games or playing games. During the weekend there will be a meet & greet, coloring contest, a dance party, a movie & popcorn party, crafts and so much more!  Check out the weekend schedule for all the planned activities and get ready to have some fun!
  7. Class Block; Raise Your Energy! Expanded!:  This class block was so popular last year, that we are bringing it back! This class block will be taking the energy and power exchange dynamics that we have been talking about all weekend, and bringing it to a play level. How can you make your play scene go to the next level? How can you use toys or even your own hands to create a deeper energy exchange? How can you include your power exchange dynamic in the scene to bring you that much closer?  This class block had been expanded to a full day of classes on both Friday and  Saturday and will offer you several options and it goes beyond the basics and helps take your scene to a new level.
  8. Hotel Scavenger Hunt: Arriving on Thursday? Then this is just for you!  Get to know your way around the new hotel in a fun and profitable way!  When you check in you will receive a scavenger hunt card with new areas to explore. At each location, there will be a ticket(s) for you to take and redeem at the FPE Community Fair!*  The more you explore, the larger your goodie pile will be!  So, take some time to explore and get ready to have some fun at the tables! *tickets have no cash value and are good for the concession stand on Thursday night only. No monies will be exchanged for vouchers..this is all about fun guys!  Thursday 2pm – 6pm
  9. Pool Party and Karaoke: It’s back! For the 6th year running, come out and join your fellow attendees with a relaxing time at the pool. Sing some songs, enjoy the cool waters and just let the world fade away!  Thursday 4pm  – 9pm
  10. Recovery in the Lifestyle Meeting: Join your fellow attendees in this supportive meeting during the weekend. Friday & Saturday 9:00pm – 10:00pm
  11. This is just a starting list of what to expect for year 6! Keep coming back for updates!!