Events In 2017

Florida Power Exchange 2018 information coming soon!!! Until then, take a look at our past year to get an idea of what Florida Power Exchange is all about!!


A new hotel and a new year comes new moments to share!  We are excited to share these with you!  Some new events to look forward to:


  1.  Club Harmony 1920’s: Put on your best gangster or swing outfit and be prepared to step back into the 1920’s!  Oh, but be sure you know the password to get into the club, as the bouncers can be a bit picky! Walk the red carpet to the door and take a step into the past.  Casino tables for your playing pleasure, music, a dance floor, and tables to sit and visit with your fellow community members. There will be a costume contest with prizes, a chance to pose and get your picture taken as well as other surprises throughout the evening.  This is going to be a great way to start off a positive energy weekend!  Thursday 8pm – Midnight
  2. *Family Reunion Dinner: Join the FPE crew and lets celebrate our 5th anniversary with a family dinner!  Come a bit early to partake in some fun games, enjoy music, and get your picture taken!  After the games, take a seat and enjoy a three course dinner with music and a show!  It’s a fun way to spend Friday night, with your family and community. Dress to impress. or come comfortable and casual, the choice is yours. *This event requires a separate ticket.  Friday 6:30pm – 8:30pm
  3. *Social Media Room:  Do you want to take a few moments during the day to check your messages? Perhaps you want to take a selfie and make a post on your social media accounts. Maybe you need to do a quick phone charge or just relax for a few moments while you make a phone call. This room will be for you!  Hours will be posted outside the room and it will be available close to the con floor to have access to your phone. *Note, going into this room you acknowledge that people inside will have access to and be actively using their cell phones.
  4. Lil’s Activity Room: You spoke and we answered! This year we will have a room dedicated to bringing out your inner little!  This room will be open during con hours and will have free play and planned activities. Spend some time coloring, playing video games or playing games. During the weekend there will be a meet & greet, coloring contest, a dance party, a movie & popcorn party, crafts and so much more!  Check out the weekend schedule for all the planned activities and get ready to have some fun!
  5. Class Block 9; Raise Your Energy!:  This class block will be taking the energy and power exchange dynamics that we have been talking about all weekend, and bringing it to a play level. How can you make your play scene go to the next level? How can you use toys or even your own hands to create a deeper energy exchange? How can you include your power exchange dynamic in the scene to bring you that much closer?  This class block will offer you several options and it goes beyond the basics and helps take your scene to a new level.  Saturday 4:30pm – 6:30pm
  6. Hotel Scavenger Hunt: Arriving on Thursday? Then this is just for you!  Get to know your way around the new hotel in a fun and profitable way!  When you check in you will receive a scavenger hunt card with new areas to explore. At each location, there will be a voucher for you to take and redeem at the casino tables at Club Harmony 1920’s!*  The more you explore, the larger your chip pile will be!  So, take some time to explore and get ready to have some fun at the tables! *vouchers have no cash value and are good for the casino tables on Thursday night only. No monies will be exchanged for vouchers..this is all about fun guys!  Thursday 1pm – 6pm
  7. Vendor Swag: Vendor row is back…bigger and better!  Stop by during vendor hours and ask them about their products and how they work!  Each vendor will have swag to share with those lucky attendees who stop by and take some time to look through all the amazing products!  Swag is limited, so grab your swag and wear it proudly!
  8. 2017 FPE Charity – Leather Heart Foundation: The Leather Heart Foundation provides financial hardship assistance to members of a broad spectrum of our kinky communities. Founded in 2009, the foundation is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. We are staffed by volunteers and are grateful for the support by contributions from many individuals, clubs, and organizations across the country. 
  9. Artist Row: Friday night before the Family Reunion Dinner, be sure to stop by and look through the incredible art that our community creates. Pieces will be available to purchase and to order.
  10. Pool Party and Karaoke: It’s back! For the 5th year running, come out and join your fellow attendees with a relaxing time at the pool. Sing some songs, enjoy the cool waters and just let the world fade away!  Thursday 4:00pm – 6:00pm 
  11. Recovery in the Lifestyle Meeting: Join your fellow attendees in this supportive meeting during the weekend. Friday & Saturday 9:00pm – 10:00pm
  12. MAsT Tampa: We are excited to have the MaST Tampa group back again this year!  Make sure you stop by to see what this group is all about! Saturday 1:30pm – 2:30pm