Switch Jake
has been involved with the BDSM community since 2001. In his educator role, he has taught all over the United States and Canada on a variety of topics. Switch Jake has also taught in vanilla establishments including colleges and universities in an effort to bring knowledge to those seeking it. He also leads the Denver Sanctuary TNG party and is in charge of managing all aspects of the party.

Additionally, he is the host of a BDSM podcast (Kink in the Chain) under the pseudonym Rope Squirrel where he gives relationship advice and interviews people of importance within the kink and BDSM community. Finally, he is responsible for creating the curriculum and the subsequent training of new dungeon monitors for the Denver Sanctuary. Switch Jake is excited to be here to share what he has learned in the 16 years of being in BDSM and leather communities.


SIR Shadow
came into the Leather/BDSM lifestyle in 2008 when he met hisleather family who coached and guided him to his role as a SIR. He met his huspup (husband/pup), Pup Otter, as a brother in this family, and they became best friends and later partners in crime.

Even with a background and training in Gay Leather Old Guard, SIR Shadow does not bind himself to those roles and strives to learn more about the otherworlds and communities around him. SIR Shadow is working to bring Unity toCommUNITY and takes many opportunities to meet new people and explore new worlds of kink.

Master Blue
’s Leather/BDSM journey started over 18 years ago. He self identifies as a male, identified leather dyke. He strives to uphold the values of honor and integrity. He believes that one should never stop learning and that one should give back to the community in any way possible. Blue, as he is often referred, has been actively involved in the local, state, regional and national community in many ways. He has volunteered, served as contest Judge, presented workshops, served as tally master, and served as master of ceremonies for many events. There’s not much he won’t do for the Leather/BDSM community.

Blue is Mr. SouthEast LeatherFest 2010 and Mr.North Carolina Leather 2009. He served as Board Member and Contest Coordinator for SouthEast LeatherFest for six years. Master Blue is a Founding Member and current President for the Appalachian Women of Leather (AWOL), Co-Director of MAsT Lenoir, Producer of Master slave Reflections and the east coast curator for the Leather Quilt. He is also the head of household for his leather house, La Cosa Nostra.



identifies as a Leather girl with a long list of BDSM interests but at the top is a love of rope, service, and bootblacking. Over the last decade she has been an advocate and educator first in the LGBTQA+ community before joining the polyamory and kink communities. She is passionate about education, mental health awareness, and sex and body positivity in the community. In 2013 she received her Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of South Florida which she has since applied to her outreach efforts. She has been honored to have the opportunity to teach for university classes here in Tampa as well as events across the US including Florida Power Exchange, Fetishcon, Wicked Women, NARIX, and FIRE. She can also be found blending her rope skills with various circus arts at events such as Frolicon, Hulaween, Holiday Heros, and Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza. By giving back to her community through honest discussions, informative and entertaining presentations, hands on education, exciting performances and social media outreach she hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions.


Master Oakman
, a Leatherman and Educator, has been in the Lifestyle since 1992. He collared (2001) and branded His adoring slave diamond in December of 2002 and they have been together ever since living a 24/7, M/s, BDSM Lifestyle. slave diamond has been in the Lifestyle since 2001. Master Oakman and slave diamond are past Presidents of S.P.I.C.E. Master Oakman in 2004 & slave diamond in 2007. Past Presenters at Community Link, Y Not, The Florida Bash 2006 & “2007” (where He re-branded slave diamond) & 2011 – 2013, Florida Power Exchange 2015 & 2016. They have also presented at Beyond Leather 2008 – 2016. They have educated many with their classes on Branding, Florentine Flogging; Whip play/Cracking, Knife Play, Scene Dynamics, Pony play as well as a Communication class for relationships in the Lifestyle. They competed in the 2011 Intl Pony Play Championships at Beyond Leather and won Reserve Grand Champion and Sexiest ponygirl. They competed in 2012 International Pony Play Championships and won Intl Grand Champion and Best Horsemanship! Together they founded Sf.Community10, A BDSM Club in South Florida formed in 2010 as well as So Fl Pony Corral and Whips in Oakland Park groups.


Master Cecil
has been involved in kink for over 30 years, when at 18 years old he was picked up by a submissive and shown that a flogger, properly applied, is a VERY good thing. Some time later he discovered Leather and has been on a journey of growth ever since.

He has presented on the local, regional and national level and is now serving the Central Florida community as owner of The Woodshed Orlando, producer of a national rope event called FIRE, board member of The Leather Leadership Conference and a Coalition Partner of NCSF. He also works to make himself available to groups, munches and TNG gatherings throughout Florida and to conventions all over the Americas.

Darcy has been active in the public lifestyle since 2005 when she went to her first Orlando Munch. A year later she and two fellow newbies created the Newbie Roundtable group associated with the same munch, through which she met her dominant, Master Cecil. Together they have owned The Woodshed Orlando since 2008.

She is currently the event and education coordinator for The Woodshed, Producer of FIRE, and in the past has been the class coordinator for the Orlando Munch, and a member and officer of Safe Words Toastmasters. She has presented on topics as varied as bootblacking, relationships, and massage at events from Florida Power Exchange, to Spanksgiving in St. Louis and COPE in Columbus, Ohio.

She describes herself as Master Cecil’s submissive, partner, and general “bitch what gets shit done.” Master Cecil describes her as “the brains behind the operation.”



Topher AKA PupOtter began his journey in the lifestyle in 2008. He was introduced into the Leather Community with a foundation in Old Guard without the limitations of Old Guard. Topher has won two titles, BNC boy 2010 and Sawmill Leather boy 2012. He was nominated for Puppy of the Year 2016 with International Puppy Contest and Keynote speaker at Florida Power Exchange 2016. Topher has also been Contestant Educator at Florida Leather & Fetish Pride since 2014. He is happily married to his partner, SIR Shadow, and they are the co-founders of Florida Puppy Contest. He is very blessed to have a very accepting biological family who inspired and supported the foundation and development of his Chosen/Leather Family as well. Topher believes in education, tolerance, bringing out confidence in and out of the lifestyle, and putting the UNITY back into commUNITY.



Stela D Love Fellafem A San Francisco Bay Area native; non-binary leather person, mother, mapa, teacher, sadist, artist, performer, emcee and event producer. They were awarded woman of the year by the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance in 2017, was the first to receive the non-binary award with Mir Bilodeau 2016, and Sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as “Saint Motor Boat” for exceptional community service. Stela served as co-producer of Ms SF Leather 2017, Ms. San Francisco Leather 2016, Vice President of Queer Sphere 2yrs, and event/entertainment producer for the Playground at Folsom Street Events for 3yrs. They were 1st runner up at IMsL 2017, and Rocky Mountain Rebellion 2017 ’s key note speaker. Stela’s pleased to be a co-producer and emcee for Russian River Women’s Weekend, Women Of Drummer’s North-west regional coordinator and co-emcee. They are widely skilled as leather person, traveling the world teaching workshops, judging contests, and performing. This notorious gender-bender entertains while opening our hearts and minds to all aspects of gender.


Patsy Evans a.k.a. Dr. Harmony is one of Florida’s leading Mental Health Counselors and Clinical Sexologist. She brings her unique blend of skills and education specializing in Kink Culture and Sexuality, Relationship Counseling, Sex Positive Therapy, Traumatology, and Holistic Psychotherapy.


From the start of his journey as a boi nearly two decades ago, to the presentation of his Master’s cover in 2008, Master Talon has evolved into a dedicated member of the Leather community. While he enjoys studying and becoming skilled at new methods of play and power exchange, his true passion lies in sharing his knowledge and experiences with members of our communities.

Introduced to the Tampa community in 2013 justkathy joyfully discovered an extended lifestyle family and a ready outlet for her love of community, service and shenanigans. Since their meeting in January of 2014 Talon and kathy have built their power exchange relationship on a foundation of trust, respect, communication, and community service. Their combined love of teaching, sharing and building community connections directs much of their life activities. Chosen to serve as the 2015 Florida Power Exchange titleholders and as 2016 International Power Exchange titleholders they enjoy meeting, interacting with and sharing skills and knowledge throughout Leather and lifestyle communities.


Stacy (thestuntdouble) came into this lifestyle in 2012 while enrolled in law school.  During her time in law school she knew she wanted to merge her experiences in the community and her knowledge gained in law school.  In 2016 she opened her own alternative lifestyle friendly law firm.  In addition to helping her kinky clients, Stacy also offers her BDSM and Poly knowledge to assist other attorneys with their lifestyle clients.  In the community Stacy has presented and co-presented at several cons and munches across the state.  She identifies as a heavy masochist with no power exchange dynamic.


Sir Luke and His victor
have built a devoted, long-term M/s dynamic on a foundation of service, protocol, and Leather. As queer individuals, they believe in authenticity first and are convicted and passionate about LGBTQIA+ and intersectional politics. They hold the Florida Power Exchange 2016/2017 title.

Their favorite topics to discuss include erotic leathercare, deepening devotion, and the positive aspects of structured lifestyles. Sir Luke has a strong connection to Leather history and strives to be a part of building a brighter future for the queer Leather community. His boy, victor, is a devoted slave who speaks against the stigmas surrounding mental health. Together, they stand behind the phrase, “Be authentically you.”

Sir Gethan and his girl Roseblu
have been together for four years. Rose was brand new to the lifestyle and her journey pretty much began the day she met Gethan. The two of them live within an eclectic blend of Leather, Victorian, and some Gorean concepts and ideology. Rose brings an eagerness to learn and Gethan opens doorways for her to continue that learning in the various arenas of the lifestyle. Service and protocol server as a foundation of their relationship, but it is not everything they share, they are both fun and energetic and pursue life in the kink community with verve and vigor. They are happy to meet and greet all of the people in the lifestyle young or old, new or veteran… There is always something to explore.

has been actively non monogamous since 2002 finding her way to kink through the swing scene in 2007, and finally delving into the public BDSM community in 2010 where she later met her wife and submissive tiffers. Drawing on her extensive history of non monogamy, her experience with public speaking, and her desire for a local poly community in April of 2013 she started Poly and Friends SWFL, a monthly facilitated discussion group for people interested in, curious about, or living non monogamy. Eventually she decided to teach her kink related passions locally and was asked to present at The Southern Polyamory Gathering and has since gone on to present at FPE, the LXIX, and South FL TNG as well as several other local munches/groups

Ava & Meredith
are some pretty creative individuals, looking to teach their skills in the evil arts. They have over 30 years combined knowledge in how to hurt and delight, as well as get frightened onlookers jumping with excitement and trepidation.

Combined they have skills and practical knowledge in hand to hand combatives, massage and physical therapy practices, pressure point/ control techniques, wrestling, martial arts training, interrogation, & military stress positions. Together they have shared their skills and talents with Florida Leather and Fetish Pride Weekend, Beyond Leather, Florida Power Exchange Weekend, Holiday Matsuri, Women of Leather Florida, Ocala Munch, South Florida TNG, Florida Critter Romp Munch, Jacksonville Kinksters Munch, the Woodshed Orlando, Parliament House and Barcodes Orlando.

The Anti-Social Bastard and his Gremlin!

Maxx and CJ have been in a long-term relationship with an interesting mix of dynamics. Both are equally passionate about service to the Leather Community.They have both volunteered in many areas from loading in gear and helping set up to Security and DM over the years. Always behind the scenes helping anywhere they can. They have been together for over 20 years and they are taking the next exciting step in their journey, beginning to teach with the hope that others can benefit from their shared experiences.

Maxx the Anti-Social Bastard from Hell is a Dominant with a sadistic streak and a clinical outlook on playing. He began his journey in the Lifestyle when he was 18, learning the basics. He has been a part of security teams and dungeon staff at many local events for the last decade.

CJ is a Gremlin, somebody fed her leather scraps, glitter and way too much sugar and caffeine sometime after midnight many, many moons ago. (Maxx takes no responsibility in this, he claims she was like that when he found her). She is very service minded, getting great satisfaction from helping others whenever needed.


Tric, an RF Engineer, is a renowned educator in the swing and BDSM communities specializing in ElectroSex. Monee is an international swimsuit and fetish model who is a certified SexMagic coach specializing in tantric arts. She is an experienced dominant and platinum member in the top 10 of the FemDom Society. The Electrics have over 30 years of combined experience in BDSM and Tantra and love sharing their knowledge and experience with other couples or singles wanting to enhance their relationships and be better in bed.


Katarina and Morgana own and run Bloodmoon Fetish Shop & Moonraven Apothecary in Central Florida. We are Reiki Masters and Crystal Healers serving our community through alternative, holistic, and metaphysical means for the body, mind, and spirit. Katarina is currently pursuing her degree in psychology while Morgana is doing post-graduate studies in acupuncture.



Master IceDog
has lived a life focused on introspection, challenging oneself and personal growth. He always desired an authority-based relationship complimenting his dominant personality. After finding slave ravyn, and realizing her natural hints of submission, Master IceDog was able to give definition to his mastery, while owning the responsibility and privilege to nurture and develop her skills, talents and dreams. slave ravyn’s focus and purpose in life to serve others guided her on her professional journey to become a mental health professional, coach, and trainer.

Master IceDog facilitates group discussions, presents on topics centering on M/s dynamics, and actively supports individuals in the community. He provides slave ravyn with the support and encouragement she needs to thrive and empower others. In addition to being the 2017 SouthEast Master and slave, they are founding board members of MAsT: Raleigh, and serve other local groups including Triangle Munch Group, MAsT: Greensboro, and WINN (Welcome: Info Exchange for NC Newbies). They are honored to share their knowledge with groups and individuals all over the SouthEast region, and beyond. Educating the next generation and paying it forward is vital for a strong community, and they are proud to share in that responsibility.

phoenix rose
has been in the BDSM lifestyle for 13 years, and in her local Leather community for 2 1/2 years. Around her work and school, she devotes time to her community through volunteering and outreach. phoenix is a part of the Florida Leather and Fetish Pride core staff, and is also involved with various other groups in the community. Though phoenix spent a large part of time living the lifestyle in private, she has really found a home, along with family, among her local Leather community.


Ecto Gammat
has had the incredible luck of learning from some amazing people in the BDSM lifestyle. She now gives back in education and community service all the knowledge she has gained along the way. She is a pansexual, polyamorous switch kitten that loves all things rope, creative sadism, bootblacking, service, bratting and so much more.



Master Tony Black and boy shane
are lifestyle leather men who have been living their long-distance D/s lifestyle together since 2012. Together with Master Tony’s other collared boys, boy cliff and boy jerry (husboy), the House of Black is a multi-faceted Leather family. Though boy shane lives in Columbus, he is a vital member of the House of Black, which is located near Ft. Lauderdale. The House of Black, a member of the Family of Black, is comprised of three separate Leather households.

Master Tony has been an active leather man for most of his adult life. Along with boy cliff, Master Tony was the 2016 International Pony Play Championships Grand Champion. Master Tony, a local community leader, actively teaches BDSM and Lifestyle Dynamic classes in the South Florida area, was president of the South Florida Bondage Club, and currently chairs several local groups.

boy shane has been a member of the Columbus Leather/BDSM community since entering the lifestyle in 2008. He is an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, attends MAsT Ft. Lauderdale via Skype, submissive roundtable, and MAsT Columbus when possible. boy shane also enjoys serving his family and community through his leather working.

Master Alan:
I’ve been a member of the Militant Leather scene since my early 20’s, and been mostly active in the Discipline and S/M clans. My passion is attempting to educate those new to our lifestyle our basic language & etiquette. So that they don’t make the same mistakes that I’ve made. I’ve been around the Florida scene for a decade or two, and have had the honor of teaching the basics of WIITWD in our Florida community for much of that time.



Big Red
is an equal opportunity Gender-Queer, Woman of Color, Queer Mother, sensual and sadistic Femme Daddy, who is a performance and Erotic Spoken Word Artist celebrated for her ability to “wear many different shoes”. In one pair of those shoes she is dedicated to facilitating personal and communal connection and healing, and in another equally empowering and self-embracing pair of red stilettos she works on various ways to encourage, support, and evoke opportunities to accept and create language, experiences, and culture that is raw, creative, authentic, sensual, deeply intense, and intent on empowering, healing, and transforming self, relationships, and communities! With a proven and long-standing commitment to education and training, one of her current passions is creating new community connections while presenting and educating at various Community Professional, and Lifestyle events.

Master Michael and slave Rebekah
have been in the scene since 2010 and 2009, respectively. They have been a Master/slave couple since 2015. They ran for Colorado Master/slave title in 2018 and have been using that title to reach out and support their community! They love to teach and help the community grow! Their classes are centered around being true to yourself, your partner(s), and your community. They are patched members of their home club, VooDoo Leatherworks, in Colorado Spings, and they love, love, LOVE to sit down to a nice conversation over a good cigar!
Their shared responsibilities have included co-leading the Colorado Springs Littles group, performing nationwide ambassadorial work for Voodoo Leatherworks, showcasing kinky skills and tastings at various BDSM events, volunteering at several charitable events throughout the Colorado community, and providing private mentoring and counseling services to aid other members of the community. Their future prospects include, but are not limited to, continuing education within the community, wide-spread travel, and community networking.

Chris and Miss Rae
have been together since 2005 in a power exchange dynamic and were happily married in 2015, when it finally became legal. Chris holds the title of Southeast Community Bootblack 2009 and is currently the Director for the International Power Exchange at Beyond Leather. She has been heavily involved in all aspects of different title contests for the past 10 years and also enjoys teaching classes on Bootblacking, Providing Service, Rhythmic Beating, Power Exchange Relationships and more. Chris assists Miss Rae with running W.O.L.F. (Women Of Leather Florida) which is the longest running women’s group in Florida (started in 2003) and also the recipient of a Pantheon of Leather Award for Small Group in 2017. And they have recently opened the Carter/Johnson Leather Library Florida Annex which resides in the South Florida Community 10 space near Ft. Lauderdale.

Miss Rae has been very active in the South Florida community since 2000. She has been the Pack Leader of Women Of Leather Florida (W.O.L.F.) since she started the group with some friends back in 2003. An educator at heart, she has enjoyed teaching classes for numerous events and groups along with being a volunteer whenever she is needed. In addition to winning the title of Ms. Southeast Leatherfest in 2009, she was honored to receive the Pantheon of Leather awards for Florida Regional and Community Choice Woman in 2010 and, most recently, WOLF received Small Group of the Year in 2017. Currently, Miss Rae and her wife/pet, Chris are the librarians for the Carter/Johnson Leather Library Florida Annex.

Yeldah Tova aka Susie Q is a Leather girl and has been active in the local BDSM community for close to ten years. Five years ago she founded MAsT: Asheville. She would not take “No you cannot do that because you are only a slave or a submissive” as an answer as to why she could not found and direct a MAsT chapter. At Beyond Leather 6, Susie ran with a former Master and His wife/slave as a Poly Triad in the International Power Exchange Competition. While that particular Poly relationship did not work out Susie still believes that a good Poly relationship is possible.Susie has also been honored to be in-service to Sir Big Red as Her Con-girl for two years. These weekends scattered throughout the year which they have together at events feeds this Leather girl. It helps to keep her centered and allows her to just be the Leather girl that she is.

Therapist Nicki has worked in the mental health field for more than eight years both in inpatient care and private practice. She has experience in working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Nicki specializes in love, sexual, and relationship positivity, as well as addiction counseling, for individuals, couples, and families. She is Kink Aware, Poly Friendly, and works with the LGBTQIAPK communities. She is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor with extensive training in clinical sexology and addiction combined with experience counseling in the inpatient and private practice settings. Nicki received her board certification in sex therapy from Therapist Certification Association in Miami, Fl. Using the systematic and collaborative approach she will consider all the parts of your relationship(s) and yourself because behaviors and relationships do not occur in a vacuum. Nicki uses her experiences coupled with her knowledge to guide individuals to meet their goals in being the best versions of themselves and to forge healthy relationships.



Dr. Patsy Evans a.k.a. Dr. Harmony
is one of Florida’s leading Clinical Sexologists and Professional Neutrals. She brings her unique blend of skills and education specializing in Kink Culture and Sexuality, Relationship Counseling, Executive, Leadership and Business Coaching, Traumatology, Crisis Management, Dispute Resolution, Diplomatic Relations, and Negotiation, and Corporate Culture Transformation. Dr. Evans is the founder of the Kink Aware Therapy Certification Institute and President of Kommunity Software.

Through her own personal experiences and her unique insights, she has forged an extraordinarily successful methodology designed to give you direction and keep you focused on your goals.



Michael G. Holler
is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, specializing in individual, couples and family therapy, child & adolescent therapy, neurofeedback, forensic evaluation & mediation and maintains a private practice in Tavernier, Florida. Michael is currently the Past President & Ethics Committee Chair of the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association.

With over 30 years experience as a counselor, and as a graduate of Lindenwood University, specializing in solution-focused therapy, he is currently serving as private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among his areas of expertise are in individual, couples, and family therapy, child & adolescent therapy, neurofeedback, forensic evaluation & mediation.

In addition to being a prominent relationship counselor, Michael has presented at National conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of Direct & Inferential Communication, Transactional Analysis, Counselor Ethics, Counselor Laws & Rules and Couples Counseling.

Michael is an interactive, solution-focused therapist. His therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges.  He integrates complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, he works with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.



BigJohn has been in the ‘life’ 25+ years, and by his own admission started “young and stupid.” He has since grown into knowing who and what he is as far as words can describe him. That would be a Poly, Dominant, Sadistic Master. He has been running his own poly and BDSM household for over 15+ years with a great range and diversity in it’s members, and is ever changing as the individuals involved grow.