Saturday Class Descriptions

Florida Power Exchange 2018 information coming soon!!! Until then, take a look at our past year to get an idea of what Florida Power Exchange is all about!!


Here you will find the class descriptions for all the classes that will be available for the Saturday blocks – save for our special edition energy block! Read through, find what catches your eye and start planning your classes to attend!

Block 6 — 9:30am to 11am

Help! I think its a Little – Master Talon and Kathy

Do you suspect that you are harboring a Little in your relationship and you don’t know what to do with it? Both sides of the slash will want to join Master Talon and justkathy in this lighthearted exploration of the Big/little relationship from discovery to enhancing the dynamic through play.

You must obey: BDSM & the Law – David Hoffman

An overview of the present legal issues and legal history of BDSM.

Responsible bottoming – TheStuntdouble

Finally a class for bottoms! There is more to bottoming than bending over a spanking bench and taking it. In this class, we will talk about how to get the most out of a scene. Additionally, this class will cover basic negotiation skills and risks associated with new partners and how to mitigate risks. This class is good for single and taken bottoms, and those in a power exchange.

Life Happens – Autumn

The only constant is change. This class focuses on how to cope with and negotiate for those changes. We will be talking about how to deal with weight loss, weight gain, children, living situations, and all of life’s ups and downs. So, please, bring your questions, feel free to talk, and we can figure out what to do together.

Block 7 — 12pm to 1:30pm

Juggling life & Lifestyle – Wench

How do we juggle our lifestyle needs with the daily grind of our life? It’s not always easy, but it can be done! Come get some tips & tricks so you don’t forfeit one for the other! Attendee participation encouraged.

Corset Connections: Tightening your dynamic(s) – Jae & Clone

Using the interwoven laces of corset tying to tighten your dynamic’s ties that bind. We will cover the basics of using the tying and tightening of your partners corset(s) to strengthen your dynamics. Sharing energy through the tying of your partners corset regardless of relationship dynamic.
Add to your own growing repertoire of skills as a dominant, top, s-type, bottom or if you identify as service oriented.
We will explore some of the basics of corsets: types, measuring for fit, donning/doffing, proper lacing to allow for the look that you wish to achieve and still be comfortable as well as how to use corsets within Power Exchange.
This class is for all, no matter how you identify. Corsets are for all sexes and sexualities, all body shapes and sizes.

Facets of Service – Master Cecil & Darcy

We’ll talk about the multitude of ways in which a submissive can provide service, from the purely practical to the purely pleasing. We’ll also discuss ways a dominant can encourage service, and how to graciously receive it. This class will discuss the nitty gritty of day to day life with a service submissive and their dominant and how it can be one of the most mutually satisfying relationships you’ll ever find. It’s time to delve beyond house cleaning and blow jobs (not that there’s anything wrong with that)!

The Power of Choice –  Sir Luke & His victor

When new relationships develop, we’re swept up into an emotional rollercoaster.  These highs and lows can become the fuel for great long-term relationships, but what do we do when that rollercoaster levels off over years? In this class, we’ll discuss how anticipation can become complacent expectations and how our active, conscious choices can rejuvenate our long burning fires for our partners. We’ll cover everything from the internal choices we make as s-types that affect how we navigate repetition, to choices we make as D-types that affect all parties, and even the big choices like surrender, loss of power, and transitioning through phases of a growing dynamic.

Block 8 — 2:45pm to 4pm

Executive Power Exchange – Kevin & Katie

We discuss how and why we came to this cooperative model of Power Exchange. Using a business model of CEO and COO, we created a very functional and adaptable style of Power Exchange that has lasted over 15 years. We will share how to make maximum use of brilliant, powerful followers and how to be a Leader in your “company” – the relationship.

Spirit and Kink – Lady Elsa

 — Description coming soon!

American Leather History Class -Topher

This class will look at important events that took place in world and American history and discuss their importance on the American Leather History and BDSM culture. The topics that will be covered vary from WWII, laws preventing leather culture, and even pop culture icons that have influenced the Leather/BDSM subculture. Bring pad and paper if you wish to take notes.

Giving and receiving service to setting up protocols and rituals –  Sir Top and slave bonnie

Even though many of us in the scene may take on the roles of power exchange, sometimes when life is hectic it may become difficult to stay in role and to allow the defined role dynamics to function as we want them to. Time or old habits often make us want to do too much for ourselves, and we actually short change each other by not allowing the s-types to give their best service. In this class Sir Top and slave bonnie will go over methods to help us slow down and set aside time to cherish gifts we bring to each other in the functioning of our power exchange. We will also suggest methods in which the slave can make it easier for the Master to accept service and will demonstrate simple exercises that allow us to form habits, which will make our relationships healthier and help them to flourish instead of diminish. Rituals and protocols can inspire and satisfy us emotionally. We all have rituals we use on a daily basis whether we recognize them or not. We will share some rituals we use and suggest how they can be incorporated into a relationship or personal life. Different kinds of rituals and their purposes will be covered, as well as public rituals and private ones. Open discussion will be encouraged as we speak on the types of rituals used and how they make us feel. If you are in a power exchange relationship or are thinking of entering one, this is a class that will prove to be of maximal benefit to you!

Block 9 — 4:30pm to 6:30pm

This block is a special two hour block featuring amazing classes that are to help you take your scenes to the next level. These will be not just lectures but demonstrations on how to put these skills to use. Some classes may not be for everyone so please be advised on your selection for this block and choose wisely.

The Power of the Exchange – Aeo & Aemok (Rope track)

How many times have you heard that rope bondage is boring? That it’s too complicated, or seems dull, or how the act of bondage is so impersonal? How about the question of how can rope bondage be a dynamic power exchange experience? Well, let me assure you, it is anything but boring. Let’s talk about the practical techniques of taking rope beyond the simple “stand and model” mode of bondage, and into the realm of true expression.

**Attendees need to bring at least one length of 30-ish foot long piece of rope if they wish to follow along as they learn.

Pressure Points & Energy Play – Master Cecil & Darcy (Hands on Track)

Pressure points can drop a bottom to their knees with very little effort on the part of the top. They can also drive a bottom crazy in orgasm without ever touching typical erogenous zones. In this class Master Cecil will show you a variety of pressure points from head to toe and how to work with them, as well as how to bring energy (chi) into this type of play.

Snap! Pop! Adding energy w/floggers & whips – Master Oakman & his slave Diamond (Tool use track)

Join Master Oakman and slave diamond as they guide you through the Energy Exchange we all crave when we play. We were asked to teach this class because many people who’ve watched us play have remarked on the Energy Exchange that is so powerful and palpable between us. It comes through so clearly when the floggers are flying and the whip is cracking! Come learn how to create that same scenario!

Sacred Crimson Energy Exchange Experiential – Triskalen & Sir Adam (Edge play Track)

Part 1 Energy Exchange Experiential- (1st Hour)
As a means to further enhance interpersonal communication, forming deeper connections with our partners or added to aspects of BDSM play, energy exchange has long been used in alternative healing practices within the framework of Asian Bodywork modalities, as well as Tantric sex, and spiritual quests. Come experience your personal energy flow while empowering yourself and your partners to explore what can be found within all of us at a core level.

Part 2- Sacred Crimson Energy Exchange
(2nd Hour)
Personally drawn to experiencing sensations of cold steel edges, sharp hollow points of piercing needles, soothing blades of shiny scalpels, along with the smell and sight of blood as it drips down the flesh- Master Triskelan and partner in crime, Sir Adam quickly realized they were into all things sharp and pointy that include blood play. For some folks, there is a thirsting desire for the final outcome of drawing and tasting the blood of their partner. For others, it is the bonding ritual of the shared bloodletting journey that takes them to their ultimate place. If you are called to share in similar energy driven endorphin flying experiences, come join us as we explore the ritualistic edgy side to sharp and pointies as a means to create the visceral space of sacred crimson exchange.