Sunday Class Descriptions

Sunday Round table Discussions

The discussions will be open forum style with a Moderator to ensure everyone can ask questions and get answers for some of the trials and tribulations that come with living kinky. Each round table – Dominants, Submission, Switch/Other, and poly – will talk about the respective title for that round table.

Now if you are looking for more insight from one side or another – don’t feel like you have to only attend the side of the sash (or relationship type) you subscribe to. Sometimes it can be the most beneficial thing to be a Submissive at a Dominants round table where you can ask a burning question you’ve had, or a Mono person at the Poly discussion asking about communication skills.

Come armed with all those questions you’ve always wanted answers to from the community and join in on the topic of your choice!

Dominant Round Table led by: 

Submissive Round Table led by:

Out of the Box Round Table led by: 

Poly Round Table led by: