Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a yearly event that gives a platform to celebrate and educate on the diversely unique Power Exchange dynamics that are lived throughout the State of Florida. We hope to accomplish this by providing an environment that fosters an opportunity to learn, share and come together in a way that unifies us all as one group of like minded members whose goal is to foster a stronger and more understanding community.

2019 is in the books so 2020 is in the works!

While we begin all the planning feel free to take a peek at what you missed in 2019!

FPE is proud to announce our 2019 Key Note Speaker, slave rayvn!

slave ravyn has spent much of the last two decades teaching and guiding others. With her training in Clinical and School Psychology, as well as Applied Behavior Analysis, she has worked with school systems, communities, families, and individuals. she presents and coaches on a variety of topics including relationship building and supporting, effective communication, stress reduction, resilience, finding balance, and brain development. Master IceDog has provided her with the motivation and inspiration she has needed to thrive as an energetic and influential slave, as well as a resource to the community. 

slave ravyn is a member of House Aseifa, the Hard Pink Sisterhood, the Tobacco Road Chapter of the Red Dragons Riding Club, MAsT: Raleigh, as well as social media staff for The Leather Heart Foundation. As the 2017 SouthEast slave, along with the encouragement and support of Master IceDog, slave ravyn has utilized her professional training and experience to empower many on their journeys both in and out of the lifestyle, and looks forward to continuing to educate and share with others along with her Master as they continue their journey.