Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a yearly event that gives a platform to celebrate and educate on the diversely unique Power Exchange dynamics that are lived throughout the State of Florida. We hope to accomplish this by providing an environment that fosters an opportunity to learn, share and come together in a way that unifies us all as one group of like minded members whose goal is to foster a stronger and more understanding community.

We are very excited to have Daddy Mo as our Key Note speaker this year. They have been an long time member and supporter of the local Florida Community – as well as communities else where. We are very honored to have them not only as our Key Note for the “You are Not Alone” FPE year 6 event – they will also be our head judge for  our Florida Power Exchange contest.


Daddy Mo is a female identified, polyamorous, lesbian, butch, covered, leather Daddy Top. Daddy Mo is comfortable being referred to by any pronouns, especially, “Sir”.

Daddy Mo has been in the leather lifestyle since 1997. He has been a guest presenter to post graduate students at Florida International University speaking on BDSM, Polyamory & homosexuality. She has also been a guest presenter at events like Orlando & Tampa Bash and WILF as well as groups like WOLF, WinK, SLLAP, WELL and NLA-CFL to name a few. He is/has been a member of NLA, NLA-CFL, SLLAP and WOLF and one of the founding members of NLA-CFL. She co-founded a lifestyle discussion group for women known as the Women’s Power Exchange Network (WPEN). Even with everything listed here, Daddy Mo continues to learn, grow and adapt in this lifestyle.

Daddy Mo was born in St. Petersburg, FL a really, really, long time ago. Although still a Florida resident, she spends most of her time in Durham, NC eating at really cool restaurants. He enjoys Rving, swimming, playing table games, leaping tall buildings in a single bound and loving on his Golden Retrievers. Daddy Mo does not like to wear high heels, eat liver or eat liver while wearing high heels. She has been a Daddy to her boy, ciarán, for over 21 years. He is also a Master to his slave, boi rayvn. Daddy Mo and ciarán are lovers and not in a full time leather relationship. Daddy Mo, boy ciarán and their third, Ana, just celebrated their 20th anniversary as a closed, vanilla triad.

Every day Daddy Mo aspires to live by The Four Agreements: Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best. (don Miguel Ruiz)