Friday Class Descriptions

Block 2 –  9am to 10:30am

Daddy Mo’s Guide to Living the Four Agreements- Daddy Mo

Life is full of socially acceptable beliefs and hazardous pitfalls that take away our freedom and our happiness. Daddy Mo will lead this powerful discussion on what the four agreements are, what they mean and how to use them to create a less stressful, more fulfilling and joyful life for us and those around us.
This presentation is based on the book, The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. You do not need to have read the book or know anything about the four agreements to attend

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 Protect Yourself (Digitally)- Master IceDog

 Our society has become very dependent on technology. From email to online banking, to smartphones and tablets, and to smart home devices and home automation.  All of the conveniences that our technology affords us comes at a price of higher susceptibility to fraud, spam, phishing attacks, scams, and online hacking.  As a Software Engineer, Master IceDog will spend the class giving tips and tricks to proactively protect against some of these common threats.

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The Power of Headspace: How Pet Play Shapes Power Dynamics (and Vice-Versa)- Pup Aechus

Sure, pet play started as a creative form of degradation. But you know, it’s darn fun in its own right—and critters can train their humans pretty darn well. (Who can resist puppy-dog eyes?) This class explores ways pets and owners/handlers/bystanders can use animal headspace and human-critter interactions to shape power dynamics. We’ll discuss variety, options, and possibilities to show how pet play can meet diverse needs. And we’ll be sure to address how consent works before and during pet-play scenes

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Get Unstuck: How to get from where you are to where you want to be- Sir Top and slave bonnie

In this extraordinary interactive workshop you will receive powerful techniques to uncover what is blocking you in reaching your highest potential in your life. You are sure to leave with new and profound insights as to how to get out of your own way, take your life to a level of unlimited possibilities and access what has been unconsciously holding you back. It’s time to let go of self-judgment, fear, negative self-beliefs and behaviors that might block you from achieving goals and living life with purpose and intention.

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Trans people and power exchange -Kruella and Cat

Trans people are everywhere, and the fetish lifestyle is no exception! Take part in a discussion-based class that will probe questions of gender and sex. By deconstructing some of the misconceptions that surround trans people, attendees will discover how blurry the lines between the sexes can be, and just how many people could fall under the category of being trans*! After a brief Trans 101 presentation, the class will move to a conversational format exploring issues in relationship and power exchange dynamics with trans people and their partners. Additional time will be devoted to providing a safe space to ask the questions you want answers to but google didn’t know!

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Block 3 – 11:00am – 12:30pm

So you want to sell things to kinky people! – Big John

So you’ve decided that making your cute little kinky widget (or widgets) for your friends is ready to be sold to everyone. This is a class on the basics of running a small business (kinky or not) and not losing your shirt in the progress. Covering subjects such as corporations vs personal, banking, getting credit card accounts, and doing your tax’s. Also discussing questions such as, Do i need an accountant? lawyer? other professionals. Even going into online vs offline sales and marketing basics. All presented in a fun open discussion format lead be someone that’s been running his own companies for over 30 years (and made lots of mistakes for you to learn from).
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Google Calendar-Fu, and other Poly Relationship Management Tips and Tools-  JustRob

In this class I will share with you some of the tips and tools I’ve developed in the past couple of years living in multi-partner polyamory.

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Saran Wrap isn’t for Food- Snoflak

Wraps are so much more than a yummy thing to eat. When we encase our bottom in wrap . The world opens up. Explore the ways to have sexy or sadistic fun with saran wrap. Both concepts will be covered.This is hands on interactive demo and instructions.Bring your own wrap. Packaging wrap works best. Other suggestions to bring to class:cell phone and earbuds vibrators, wartenberg wheels, feathers, tens unit etc…

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Perpetual Dynamic- Ms. Brenda and slave arcane

One of the challenges a D/s couple can face, is the ability to be persistent in all areas of the couple’s life.  For many coping with influences from vanilla life may mean compromising on the fantasy. In this presentation we will be exploring how to extend your scenes into a seamless dynamic, which is practically invisible to the vanilla eye.  Come share your experiences and take away some new ideas for enriching your power exchange relationship in ways that transcend the bedroom.

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D/s Positions and Their Non-Sexual Uses  Kat Kay 

Position training and slave positions have been a part of the lifestyle for many years, and are a great way to enhance Power Exchange dynamics, as well as head space for the submissive. Not only will this class cover using positions and position training inside a dynamic, but also ways they can be used for those who are not currently in dynamics. We will be exploring the history of position training,the non-sexual side to some common positions, as well as tools and ways to modify positions for mobility and body limitations to better fit you and your dynamic.

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Block 4 – 1:45pm-3:00pm

Obedience…when the struggle is real- Master Talon & justkathy

Obedience is desired and expected by most Masters/Dominants, and as easy as breathing for some little letters…but what happens when obedience is not a default position in your power exchange dynamic? Do you throw in the towel and end the relationship? Dominate and force submission? Hope for a miracle? Join Master Talon and justkathy in an open discussion of the pros and cons, tips and tricks to move toward resolution (or evolution).    

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 Cinched In- Sir Gethan and His Girl Roseblu

Cinched In is a class about the history of the Corset and Corsetry as it pertains to Kink.  The class also demonstrates the use of a corset in power exchange dynamics, and as a critical item in a toy bag.The corset has been making a resurgence in the modern kink world, and even though it was never out of fashion many people have never seen how iconic the corset is and even more have never thought of how the corset integrates into a scene or a dynamic.  If you are already a Corset Lover or have a interest in what avenues the corset has available to explore this class has some exciting innovations that you can learn and introduce into your dungeon scenes.  Bring your own corsets if you have questions about them or simply to share the diversity of corsets the community has and adores so much already.

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Mentors Available for this block:

  • Master Tony
  • Just Rob
  • Daddy Joe
  • Sir Big Red
  • Yelda Tova/Dan_Kap
  • Sir Luke/victor
  • Daddy Mo/boy ciarán /boi raven
  • Master Ice Dog/ Slave rayvn
  • Jencat
  • Master Cecil/ darcy
  • Piper
  • Master Oakman/Slave diamond
  • Noelle Ma’am
  • Daddy Michael
  • amaia


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Wrapped in Steel 101: 25 Critical Questions & Considerations for Knife Play -Miki Rei

Wrapped in Steel 101 is both an introduction and contextual exploration of knife play basics. Through guided discussion and demonstration of tools and techniques, the class covers a specific range of basic topics and safety considerations for entry-level knife play. This class intentionally avoids overarching “how tos” in favor of a “things to be aware of” approach. The goal is to provide a grounded foundation for initial and continued exploration into knife play.

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Evoluntatry Dynamics – Kruella and Cat

Kruella and Cat’s primal dynamic begins from the idea that every person in the Pride must undergo constant personal evolution to adapt and overcome repeated power struggles to prove that one has earned their place in the dynamic. As the Pride Alpha, Kruella earns the right to rule the dynamic through force of personality, ethics, intellect, and will. The Pride operates on a “power with,” rather than a “power over” model, meaning that while the dynamic contains elements of traditional Dom/sub power structures, their dynamic centers around the Pride Alpha pushing each member of the Pride to grow individually and as a part of the relationship.

This class will be an exploration of how different dynamic types can be blended together with primal dynamics to create a customized dynamic to fit you!

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Block 5 – 3:30pm-5:00pm

The Human Fabric- Dan_Kap and Susie Q/Yeldah Tova

In this class, we will use needles and string to turn our partners into a work of art, handicraft or a  musical instrument. In the class, we will begin to learn about needle play and how to use needles safely in combination with string and other toys and how to play with the resulting work of art. This class is open to those with or without experience.

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Puppy Hierarchy and Its Discontents– Pup Aechus

You’ve heard of the Alpha male. You’ve probably heard of the Alpha dog in a pack. How well do those monikers relate? How well do those roles hold up to scrutiny?

In this class you’ll learn the psychology behind these personality types, how they work in the human world, how they work in the world of human puppies, and then (perhaps most importantly) how they can be misused, misapplied, and misunderstood.

Your instructor, who identifies as a gamma puppy, will explain the various ranks found within a puppy pack and show how those labels can both help and harm individual identities and interpersonal relations.

This class isn’t just for pups and humans. All species are welcome to learn and discuss.


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The Why of the Self Tie- ecto gammet

 In this day and age of busy lives and conflicting schedules, it can be difficult to keep connected to our kinky selves. Self tying can serve to keep that connection alive and well. In this class the reasons behind self tying and suspending will be discussed. From  practical to deeply personal reasons, the reasons for self tying are as diverse as the people that do it. Also to be discussed are safety precautions, setting and keeping your space, communicating with your DMs and spotter, and aftercare considerations.

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Power Exchange with an Experience Differential- AJ Renard

Many Power Exchange relationships involve partners with differing levels of experience and involvement with the lifestyle. One partner may have a tremendous amount of play experience but is new to a PE dynamic, or one partner may be introducing the other to the lifestyle in general. How do you navigate these disparities while keeping the Power Exchange in tact? If the s-type is the one with the larger knowledge base, how do you maintain the dynamic, if the D-type has more experience how do you keep expectations realistic and not take advantage or overwhelm the s-type? We will explore how to navigate these potential issues, how to discuss them, and ways to work around and avoid them.

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I SAID NO!!! -Meredith- and _-Ava-_

Many people gain a lot of empowerment from BDSM activities. What happens when that power is lopsided, or the dynamic is plain out abusive? Abuse can be done from anyone male or female, Top or bottom, Dominant or submissive. We will discuss the red flags of abusive relationships, the constant spiral of abuse, how constructive/ positive BDSM relationships are and resources to leave a bad situation.

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