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Welcome to the Florida Bootblack Corner!

It has been WAY too long for our Boot Stands to have been empty!  The Bootblack Corner will be run differently this year!  We are made up of a Team of Bootblacks that adore and admire Leathers.  With the change we have all made from Covid we will have the Bootstand open to treat and pamper your leathers throughout the weekend.  This year however, we will offer drop off service from Thursday evening until Sunday morning.  

We have an email account for any questions and bootblack phone numbers for messages.  

2023 Schedule

Bootblack Services


10am-12pm (Inside Stand)

1-5pm (Inside Stand)

7-8pm (Inside Stand)

8-10:30pm (Cigar Social Stand)

9-11pm (Inside Stand)


10am-12pm (Inside Stand)

1:30-5pm (Inside Stand)

9:30-11pm (Inside Stand)

If you have any questions, please message Jencat on Yapp, or stop by Room 283.

Our email address is:  [email protected]

Our Phone numbers we can be reached at are: ‪

(413) GET-BOOT: Click to Text us or Give us a Call

(401)  LIC-BOOT: Click to Text us or Give us a Call  

We have some RULES about Bootblack Etiquette during Florida Power Exchange!

Please do not touch or handle our equipment – Just ask us if you have questions regarding what we keep in our Kits.  If you would like to shadow during stand time to learn more, please ask, we are willing teach what we know.  

While we are working in the stands, please allow space and do not interrupt our work.  

If you are in the stands, please ask us and answer any questions, what preferences you have, issues your leathers have, etc.

We do not have any set tipping structure, however, we LOVE tips to buy more polish, equipment, and specialty items!

We look forward to serving the Florida Power Exchange Weekend conference and the Community to keep your leathers cleaned, conditioned and in Pristine Shape.

Scheduling Drop off Items:  While at the conference, please message us and let us know what you have & we will meet you.  All items will be sanitized prior to being returned.  Items will be documented on drop-off.


Do your knife play tools seem a little dull? Is your cigar cutter leaving the head ragged? Is your safety rope cutter a little rusted?

We will have cutler service available at Florida Power Exchange 2022! Book your service appointment now!

Contact Eric, A.K.A Norseman of Landaleitan Hus

Call: (321) 201-2824

E-mail: [email protected]