2023 Meet the Staff

Conference Producers

The Daddy Michael (he/him) and slave kittie (she/her)

The Daddy Michael is one of the producers of the Florida Power Exchange since 2013! He has been in the community since 1995 as a bisexual, non-monogamous, deviant IT nerd and is still growing each day. He is the proud Daddy, Dominant, Master, and most importantly a best friend and husband to his slave kittie. He enjoys teaching and has presented at events such as Beyond Leather, Southern Polyamory Gathering, SELF, SAR, Spanksgiving, Beat Me in St Louis and PXSummit

Slave kittie is a bubbly Cuban, born and raised in Florida. She is a little/brat, leather kitten & poly/pan slave. She has been in the kink/BDSM community since 2015 and started her Leather Journey in 2021.After being with FPE since 2015, she is now Co-Producer of the Florida Power Exchange Conference, alongside her husband, Daddy & Master, The Daddy Michael. Her newest endeavor is being the producer of Florida Big/little title contest, the first ever for Florida! She enjoys teaching and helping others with their education and journey in the lifestyle. She has taught previously at the Sanctuary, Beyond Leather, United We Stand, SELF and Florida Power Exchange. She also is the proud owner of her little paci store, Lils Clubhouse. If you ever see her running about at an event or out and about, please feel free to stop and say hi. She is always excited to meet new friends.

Conference & Social Media Director


I was introduced to kink in 1989 in NYC. I have been with FPE since year 1 and have played many roles on staff: including photographer, security, and volunteer! This is my 3rd year as Director! We are blessed to have such an amazing team at FPE who make my position so much easier!

I am a Leather, demi/pan, solo poly, little, brat, bottom, masochist, foxy, disabled Switch. Proudly part of Mama’s Family (Mama’s Pinky Promise) and Hard Pink Sisterhood. I try my best each day to walk my path with compassion, integrity, and a thirst for knowledge. I want to BE better and with that, I have a lot of work to put in!

I am married to my amazing life partner; we have been together for 17 years! I am a failed foster little; it’s been over 2 years, they ended up keeping me lol I am truly blessed to be a part of the diversity and inclusion that our CommUNITY stands for and hope the work I put in makes a difference.

Assistant to the Director, Webmistress, and Assistant Vendor Director

Violet! (She/Her)

Pansexual | Polyamorous | Owned | Switch | ADHD | Slytherin | Standard Nerd

Violet has been involved in kink for going on 20 years in various aspects from Organizing/participating in events ranging from conventions to local play parties. She is excited to return as assistant to the Director, Webmistress, and Co-Vendor coordinator (with her Sir Bear) this year! Violet has been supporting FPE since 2018! She is always on the lookout for new adventures and dinosaur buddies! Make sure to say hello!

Registration Coordinator

Melissa aka mrsbubbles (she/her) is in a 24/7 with Daddy Jason for the past 17 years. She is all about family, both blood and chosen. She enjoys service and volunteers in a variety of roles throughout the community. In 2022 she became a patched member of the Hard Pink Sisterhood. This is her fifth year in service to Florida Power Exchange. She is always evolving to discover her authentic self. She can’t wait to see all you beautiful humans.

Security Director

John, also known as The Dom Fisherman, has been a member of the community for over 16 years. He is a former owner of the Tampa Bay Phoenix club where he currently volunteers and teaches fire cupping, blood cupping, violet wand, fire play and wax play. When not volunteering or educating the community he runs a firearms training company with his wife Angel. He has always been an ally of the LGBT community especially to his transgender stepson and many friends and chosen family.

Volunteer Coordinator

Angel, or kaseyd has been in the community for about 10 years. A few years ago, she discovered what it means to live the leather lifestyle and since then has been trying to learn all she can about caring for the leather that she wears to protect her on her journey. Beyond just caring for her own leather, she takes care of all of her Sir’s leather and those in the community that need a little love for their leather. She enjoys volunteering at the Phoenix Club. She has also bootblacked at FPE, Beyond Leather, and a fundraiser at Cityside in Tampa. Besides caring for leather, she also likes to help educate the community. She helps her Sir demonstrate violet wand, fire cupping, and fire play. She also loves to learn new things and meet new people. While she identifies as a member of the LGBT community her biggest reason in advocating for equal rights, protection, and acceptance of all is her transgender son. She wants to make sure he can grow and flourish in the world as he goes out on his own soon.

Raffle Directors

Madame, (Yes/Ma’am), I have over 20 years’ experience in the BDSM lifestyle. I am a Domme with one owned and collared submissive. I am poly, pan and extremely demi. This will be my second year at FPE, 1st year volunteering. The Orlando kink scene is my home. Since this is the 10-year anniversary I am hoping to make the most raffle sales FPE has ever seen. This year we will be accepting cash as well as digital payments via Cash App.

gin (she/her/baby) entered the South Florida Community in the Spring of 2013. While entering into the lifestyle with previous experience; she still had a thirst for knowledge, a heart of service and urge to explore. Over the years, gin has made a name for herself throughout the South and Central Florida communities as leader of South Florida TNG (The Next Generation) and plans on doing even more. gin is constantly evolving and reaching new heights both in and out of the lifestyle. gin has been attending FPE for the past 5 years and this is her 1st year as official staff. gin is a proud leather girl on a path of continuous growth, learning and discovery—learning to love and accept herself and kinks; being true and at the end of the day, leading by example of a leather life.

A/V Director My name is DJ Dan a.k.a. Orion. I’ve been part of FPE since its inception and have watched it grow from a great idea into a true family reunion experience each year. I’m the guy who makes sure the sound equipment is where it needs to be, works, and performs as it should. I also handle the video needs as needed. I am also the guy with the guitar for the Cigar Social every year, as well as hosting the Karaoke show. I have been in the entertainment industry for 40 years. I’m a Dominant and Daddy to rio my wife of 6 years, who is also the Assistant A/V Director, and am very open minded to learning new experiences. I’m over 21, and enjoy sports, music, and exploring. I transport commercial vehicles across the country most if the time. I’m not shy by any means and am always up to meeting new people. Every friend starts with a hello. If you see me doing my thing, say hi and know you’ll get a hearty one in return.

Dungeon Directors

Arthur/MyCroftM (he/him) has been involved in the Lifestyle since the 80’s – Spending 10 years running The Playhouse in Baltimore Maryland, to being a lifestyle educator since 1999. He has been involved in FPE throughout its lifespan as an educator, attendee, gear builder/maintainer and currently as one of the Head Dungeon Masters. He has been in a poly relationship with his primary/slave/brat and Co-Head DM Kimmie since 2011 and loves to meet new people and share his skills. He is NEVER the devil on your shoulder – but he IS always the nice-looking man in the suit, hat and Italian leather shoes who is offering you candy

Kimmie/Daemonchild (She/Her)

Kimmie has been involved in kink for going on 20 years. Experienced in Organizing events ranging from Educational Groups (Portal), Social Groups (Tampa Munch/Brandon Coffee Time), Play-parties (Fetish Circuit) and Charity events locally she has also worked with events across Central Florida and supporting many others Nationally.

She has been involved with FPE since the beginning as an educator, attendee, gear builder/maintainer and currently as one of the Head Dungeon Masters. She has been in a poly relationship with her primary/Master/Daddy/Meanie since 2011 and currently Co-Heads the DM Team. Kimmie is quirky, maybe a “bit” manic, and always making sure everything is running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. She loves to laugh, smile, and make you feel at home. She has been told that she is NOT a bad influence, but the Gate Keeper – Giving everyone an opportunity to come through the door and see what they have been missing.

Vendor Director

Bear (he/him) I am a polyamorous hedonist. I am a bear, not just in name, but also animalistic identity, feeling kinship with grizzly bears. I am powerful and stern, when need be, but most of the time I am just cuddly. I am also very intelligent but can sometimes be a little bumbly. I spent my formative years in GA and grew up in central FL, but thanks to my upbringing managed to come out of it all valuing logic, science, and open mindedness. Being an openminded hedonist, I also identify as Bisexual and am always open to new experiences. This has led me to explore many passions, resulting in a cursory knowledge of a large variety of things and many many hobbies. I am also the owner of Violet Switch, who is my wife and partner in life, the yin to my yang. Bear has been attending FPE for 5 years and has been on staff for 3!

Presenter Director

bina_JBXfg Was born into a 1950s/MC household. Started reading Gor when I was 10. At age 30 assisted with running the first South Florida education space – Lifestyle Alternative Center. Later co-owned Florida Lifestyle Alternative Community center, teaching, Gorean fundamentals and positions, bottoming from the top and rigging a self-rope harness. Plus numerous other classes. Created SF Submissive Round Table, R.O.M.P (Ruckus Or Managed Pets) including SF Pony Play, Kiddie Korner (Littles group), Sensation Stations, YKNOT (Young Kinksters, New with Older Teachers), and Gorean Gatherings Helped create, and continue in a working and loving polyamorous Family (JBX House) for 15 years as first girl. bina_JBXfg has been attending FPE since year 1 and this is her 2nd year on staff!

Auction Director

Tesoro (she/her)

I am a lifelong Florida native and have been in the lifestyle for 20 years. I am bisexual, poly and a happily owned slave. Being of service is where I find the most joy. This is my first year with FPE either attending or volunteering and look forward to meeting new people.

Hospitality Director

Andi bunny (she/they)

I’m 36, moved from Miami around 11 years ago and discovered my community here in Tampa. I’m a pansexual neurodivergent Latina demigirl. I’m a switchy brat with an interest in the intersection of kink and mental health. Helping people and serving my community are my passion. On my time off you can find me reading, writing, and running a poly/kink community called Polykinkery Tampa Bay, where I host a munch and other events. I’ve been a part of the FPE family on and off for about 7 years, starting off as a house elf, and this year I’ll be your Hospitality Director.

House Elf Director

Siren (she/her) is a masochistic submissive little primal kitten walking a Leather path and is our Head House Elf.

She likes to give back to the community by presenting at, volunteering at, or staffing events in the state. She’s been a member of staff at FPE since ithe very beginning 10 years ago with only a minor break where she still volunteered. She’s also been staff at KCO (retired) and volunteered at Fetish Circuit and Beyond Leather.

She’s been a member of the JBX family (Happy House) for going on 7 years and has been in the community for 12 years. She’s always seeking ways to continue learning both about herself and about what it is we do and who we are as a community.

In her free time, she can be found doing whatever craft is appeasing her ADHD hyperfixation at the time, singing karaoke, spending time with her poly family near and far, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or lounging around reading.

Diversity Director

Bratty Azzassin

She is your friendly neighborhood 5-year-old. Bratty is the founder of your favorite neighborhood girl gang Leather girls Of Color (established in 2021) and has been jumping around in the rabbit hole since 2017. She was introduced and raised in WIITWD through Philly Black Munch, and has been a volunteer, presenter, and educator at various events since 2018. She is a bratty, poly, Switch, little, Leather, girl whose passion projects include LgOC, teaching classes, traveling, her new podcast Too Sick Chicks and her Leather and biological families. Bratty was our featured keynote speaker at FPE 2022 – Destination Diversity, and this is her first year on the FPE staff. She is excited to be of service and learn and growth with us.

Operations Director

Paddleman and Staff Room Coordinator, slave-T!

FTW-Paddleman (He/Him) Dom and FTW’s-Slave-T (she/ her) Sub

A.K.A Billy & Terry. We/we have been in the lifestyle for over 16 years! We/we started as swingers. A club We/we would always go to had a dungeon and that’s when it went down the rabbit hole. He makes custom paddles, and she has been his collared sub since 2017. We/we are active in our local community in SWFL and enjoy going to munches, classes and play parties. If you see us say hello! We/we enjoy meeting new people. The operations staff are looking forward to making sure that all classrooms have everything that they need to make your experience a fun one.

Photography Director

Tim, Noyes, or SirNoyes if formality is your thing. (he/him) pronouns. As a Dom and sadist, I love using all the kinky skills I’ve accumulated over my decade plus in the kink scene but rope, impact, fire, and needle/medical play top the list. I’m poly with my life/nesting-partner submissive and we call NYC home when we aren’t off adventuring in some other part of the world. Kinks aside, photography has been a lifelong hobby of mine and I’ve volunteered for a number of events and charities throughout the years. This will be my second FPE and first time as photo director. I’m super excited to come capture all the special moments on ‘film’ for everyone.

Cigar Social Director (and amazing Governess)

Miss Jess

I am a high-protocol Dominant with a combined authoritarian and coaching style leadership. My integrity, respectability, spiritual beliefs, and family mean everything to me. I set specific and detailed expectations, and I take power exchange relationships and protocols very seriously.

On the lighter side, I’m a storyteller. I love to have fun and to make people laugh.

I believe in supporting local events and venues and the people in this great family we call our community.

Judges Director

Dastardly Dan aka Bad Boy(he/him)

“I’ve matured from a “Bad Boy” to a dastardly pr*ck (hahaha). You’ll have to wait and see.”

Let me start by explaining myself, this contest has been a passion of mine over the years, watching the development within the community and dynamics of relationships within contestant groups. Dynamics of relationships and the fact this is an educational title still intrigues me and am honored to return.

I was one of the judges for this initial contest and returned thereafter for a few years seated as head judge prior covid for a total of 4 years. I’m honored to be asked to serve as head judge yet another time and look forward to working positively within the FPE organization staff headed up by Michael. I recall when Michael competed in this contest, but what is amazing is to see is his commitment as producer over the years and he continues to have and growth of this contest.

Most of my involvement in this community was representing traditional leather practices (guard), winning the “2010 Tampa Bay Leather boy” title. During that year, I attended Beyond Leather which introduced me to the meaning of a power exchange and was asked to judge FPE and returned as head judge for the next 3 years. Dynamics of relationships and the fact this is an educational title still intrigues me and am honored to return.

During that title year, I followed my platform which focused on pansexual communities and integrated these two communities with fundraising events and involvement in the contest (Mr. CODE). I devoted 4 years as organizer/producer of a leather title contest “Mr. CODE” feeding IML and actively became part of the “Florida Leather and Fetish Pride” organization.

Organizations I ran or participated in were not limited to HIV but inclusive of the Tampa Bay Film Festival, cancer awareness, just to name a few, were to bridge the stigma in the meaning of leather, BDSM, fetish and alternative lifestyles. For two years I formatted and hosted the #1 show on GHS internet radio called “Leather It Up”. The bridge built here earned me a feature article in “Watermark “magazine during a December holiday issue. Not only did it include leather and its history but include of play and fetishes and cameoed several relationship dynamics in these categories earning 13 full pages in that edition. Professionally, I hold the title as a registered nurse with a BS in health arts studying the effects health played on art movements over the centuries in countries inclusive and limited to religions and their ruling governments. My master’s degree in health services administration includes similarly comparing other countries and their health care delivery systems and cultures and subcultures within. Descriptive: Non binary, Sir, Cis, Gay

Littles Director

I am Little Lady Aalyanna, but you can call my Aaly. I identify as a neurodivergent Poly Pansexual Polysexual Sadistic Little. My pronouns are she/her. I have been with my Daddy since 1999, and with my middle sister since 2002. I have been active in the lifestyle since 1996 and have teaching since 2011. I have been part of FPE in some way since it’s very beginning, we ran with my poly triad the first 2 years and after that I began to volunteer, and I have run the Little’s Room for the past 6 years.

I have taught at FPE, Florida Leather & Fetish Pride, Fetcon, WOLF, EPIC, DOMCOM (LOLA), Southeast Leather Fest, KCO, FLAC. I have taught Violet Wand, Anticipatory Service, Before & After Care, Safety & Personal Accountability, and A Little You.

Dungeon play is special for me I love topping with the violet wand and knife play. I also love submitting for electroplay of all kinds, knife play, flogger play, and fear play.

When I was first asked to create The Little’s space it was in my suite and dear friends of mine stopped at the open doorway and asked if this was a safe place for his little. I looked up into his eyes and told him yes absolutely. That interact touched me so deeply and has stuck with me each year I create a Little Rooms for FPE. The Little’s Room is a safe place for ALL Little’s, Middle’s and ABDL’s, or anyone else who just needs a break from the crush and overwhelmingness of the convention. New ideas are always welcomed, and I can be found in the Little’s or running around with my big JoJo Bow. The Little’s Room is my passion and pride and I looking forward to creating lasting memories for all whom step foot into the Little’s Room each year.

Frick Frack

Mx Sharkboi (They/He) I’m a gender-fluid, pan/demi sexual, switch who craves information. I enjoy serving my community and being in service to my wonderful miss kittie. I started in the Florida community in 2018 as a submissive. Being told that there was no room for switches in the community. From that day on I have worked to prove that switches and others who don’t fit in boxes would have a voice and safe spaces. I have attended Beyond Leather twice, this past May getting my first chance to be a part of presenting a class. This is my second year attending and serving Florida Power Exchange. You will see me running around taking care of the frick and fracks of the convention as needed. If you see me during the convention, please feel free to say hi, ask questions, or bring concerns to me. I can’t wait to see you all soon!!! See you later!

Contest Director

Midnight Angel (she/her) possesses a rich experience spanning over 27 years in the BDSM Poly lifestyle, with a specialization in bi-poly dynamics. Her passion for education in this field is evident through her numerous engagements on various topics related to the lifestyle.

In addition to her extensive community involvement, Midnight Angel was honored as Ms. Florida Leather N Fetish Pride 2017. She has formerly been an active member of the Hard Pink Sisterhood and continues to lend her support to both HPSH and Onyx Pearls. Her contributions to events such as the SouthEast LeatherFest, Florida Power Exchange, and Beyond Leather underscore her dedication.

Midnight Angel’s educational endeavors include conducting sessions at national events such as Florida Leather Fetish Pride (FLFP), Fetish Con, DomCon, Women of Leather Florida (WOLF), Mr. Code, EPIC, Florida Power Exchange (FPE), SouthEast LeatherFest (SELF), and Kinky Camp Out (KCO). Furthermore, she holds the esteemed position of Contest Director for FPE. Her accolades also include serving as a judge for Florida Leather N Fetish Pride and Florida Puppy contest, as well as performing the role of a Tally Master. As a testament to her contributions and influence, she is recognized as Mama’s Midnight Angel within Mama Sandy Reinhardt’s Family. Beyond her educational pursuits, Midnight Angel is known for her sociable nature, always keen on forging new connections and cherishing established ones.”

Dungeon Directors

Haven has been involved in the kink/BDSM lifestyle for over a decade, coming up through The Orlando Woodshed (dungeon).  He is described by others as having an intense personality with tendencies towards formalities.  He is a dominant sado-masochist and in a loving polyamorous relationship with his wife and partner-in-crime, Mia.  Haven has been offering his services as a DM for many years, including FPE, FetCon, private parties, and now heads the DM’s for Spookeasy and The Florida Power Exchange.  He’s excited to contribute back to the community that has given him so much. Mia has been involved with the scene for a decade.  She is a sub-leaning switch, ascending into her Goddess energy and in a loving polyamorous relationship with her husband and partner-in-crime, Haven.    From her humble beginnings at the Orlando Woodshed, a fetish model, rope enthusiast turned witchy spiritualist; combining energy with connection and kink.  She is the vibrant organizer of FTC (For The Culture), a monthly Munch in Tampa for POC and their allies, creating a safe space to explore and share experiences.  For Mia, it’s all about the community, education, and connection.