2023 Vendors


Handmade one-of-a-kind leather goods. Corsets, harnesses, and clothing. I also create bags, bears and masks. All leather and unique. BIPOC.

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Doggie Paddle

Doggie Paddle LLC is a puppy owned company that makes resin art. Some of them are pretty and some of them are painful. Pup Waddle Butt and Pup Badru created this company because they are a couple of derpy puppies wanting to make unique paddles and resin art for the community.


Eviltoys, Unlimited

Leather Pup Hoods, Leather Wristbands, Leather Wrist cuffs (4 types), Leather Bracers, Floggers & Whips, Leather Ball Stretchers, Leather Cockrings, Leather Arm Bands, Leather jockstraps (unique design no leg straps) Slideshow display of Bondage Furniture for Custom orders, space is too small for display pieces.


Fleur-De-Lis Toys

Wood handle floggers, braided handle floggers, finger floggers, cane floggers, thin canes, thick canes, metal canes, wood paddles of different sizes, evil sticks, day collars, play collars, play cuffs, suspension cuffs, body harnesses, chest harnesses, leather skirts, Mardi Gras masks, kinky stuffed animals, faux fur mink gloves and leather designer belts.


Jormundr’s Leatherworx

Hand tooled leather items, including puppy and kitten masks, glasses cases, floggers, cuffs, harnesses, and collars. I will be focusing on pet play accessories. Some of these, like masks and cuffs, may be able to be customized post purchase.

The Awkward Artist

A variety of handmade little gear from pacifiers, sippy cups, onesies, dresses and lifestyle inspired cups! My goal is to provide anything someone’s little heart could desire, from different products and styles to fit anyone’s ascetic or little needs and providing gender and size inclusive products. 


The Kink Shop

We Sell Leather toys, Rubber Toys (for Vegans), Paddles, Canes, and various other impact implements for BDSM Play. We have Fire play toys. We also sell electro play accessories. Our website has our entire line except for a new toy, a firehose paddle.

~~ Home of the tazapper ~~


Upside Down Creations

Hats, shirts, tumbler style cups, home décor, signs, costume jewelry, pride items, bags, pillowcases, evil stick, door hangers, blankets, towels, shorts, socks, bathing suits, pants, coasters, canvas, storage box, chain style clothing, all items are with an alternative lifestyle or kink design. Pride shirts, hats, etc.


Vixens Vault

Vixens Vault creates Petplay, kemonomimi, cosplay ears and tails alongside some 3d printed wearable goods. I make wearable art that all walks of life can wear. I have been making ears and tails for over two years now. All ears are Fully adjustable and can move up and down a headband, all posable in one way or another which means they can bend or fold as people.


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