Thursday Class Descriptions


When in Rome- Master Brandon

Join me for an in-depth, guided discussion of cultural discovery and immersion. This class examines some common pitfalls of learning and adapting to an unfamiliar culture, and offers approaches that will ease the learning curve. No matter what culture one hopes to embrace, these techniques and perspectives will make the experience more successful.

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Define Your Journey in BDSM- Master Oakman and slave diamond

This is a beginner class on how to start your Journey in BDSM. (We encourage the more experienced to join and share your experiences as a new person in the scene) What calls to you? M/s Dynamic, ABDL, D/s, S/m, Handler/pup, pony, etc.. We’ll talk about ways to get started, what types of events to attend to help you figure things out. What protocols and rituals do you want to incorporate into your dynamic? The difference between Needs and Wants in BDSM.

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Who are you?- Sir_Lisa and leathergem

Building a foundation of who you are through strength and power – the in’s and out’s of everyday life and struggles. Building worthiness, self-reliance, and being who you are meant to be in all that you do.

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Sensual self love via movement and massage- Mama jaye

Centered around body movement, self love and sensual healing.  The class will center around movement…massage and meditation focus on self love.Dance, chair movement and basic massage techniques will be added.Class is student focused…the student should walk away feeling stronger, loved and supported

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Service as a Lifestyle- Meredith and Ava

This class is a led discussion about being a person of service in and out of kink. What does service mean? How to give and receive service graciously. Altruism and does it truly exist? How being a service-oriented person is not the sole exclusive property of submission. And how being a service-oriented person doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat.

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To come or not to come…out- MsSensualSadist

That is the question we all face, knowing the decision will affect our relationships in and out of the community.   I am a mother, sister, aunt, nurse, friend, leather dom, fem-dom, a master, a mentor, care-giver, sadist, a green eyed Cuban-American Goddess, a kinky-mother fucker and a whole lot more.  I am proud of who I am and refuse to allow society to make me feel ashamed. We are not one dimensional.  We must accept who we are, before the world can accept what we do. If you have recognized this is who you are … not just what you do … the next step is who do you tell… if anyone.  Come let’s discuss the pros, cons, and equip you with necessary tools if you decide coming out is right for you.


4:15pm-5:15pm – Dungeon 101- SlinkMan and Daddy Michael
6:00pm-7:00pm – FPE 101/How not to be a jerk at FPE – Amaia, Millie, Robin