Saturday Class Descriptions

Block 6 – 9:30am to 11am

Essential Oils for physical, emotional and spiritual support- Mama jaye

This class will focus on essential oils and their basic use, for health, wealth and sensual desires.Students will learn the basic scents most used…how they are used and how to add them to their daily lives

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Writing a Formal Petition -Sir Luke and His victor

Writing a formal petition can be intimidating and stressful, and may even seem like a daunting task. We will break down the components of a formal petition to lessen the stress of the process. Whether the petition is written for the purposes of a mentorship or power dynamic, participants will learn what key information a formal petition could include as well as how to convey intent and display eloquence through word choice. Feel free to bring works in progress to be shopped at the end of the class.

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Is it Discipline if we are both Happy?- Snoflak 

Correction is necessary tool for the D-type, but often leaves the s-type struggling with self-doubt resulting in feeling humiliated. This leaves the D-type to pick up the pieces and stop the war that is raging in the s-types head.Yet, there is a cure for this circular behavior. This class will focus on how to turn “correction and discipline” into a positive experience or as I like to call it a Happy Dance benefiting both sides of the slash.

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Gender Spectrum/ Living in the Gray- Sir Top and slave bonnie

Is it a vagina or a mangina?  Is it a clit or a cock? In this workshop we will discover the many variances of the gender spectrum.  Being of the generation where transitioning was not an option I have learned to live comfortably in the middle of the gender spectrum.  I am 62 years of age,  have had my breasts removed and live my life as a masculine female. We’ll discuss this and how one isn’t required to put themselves in a box or label themselves to fit society’s needs and how to navigate without being forced to choose. slave bonnie is a cisgendered non-feminine girl. Together we founded, and are the owners of ,New Beginnings TLC 501c3 non-profit transgender surgical recovery center with over 900 patients to date. There can be many stumbling blocks while seeking play and life partners while transitioning or living in the gray from both sides, top and bottom. We will discuss situations where we outline usage of pronouns, sexual play and some important details on gender navigation.

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ACROSS THE MILES… Making a Long-Distance Power Exchange Relationship Grow and Thrive-  Dan_Kap and Susie Q/Yeldah Tova

Whether you live hundreds or thousands of miles apart, on opposite coasts or across the world, long-distance Power Exchange relationships can be fulfilling and amazing. With creativity and open communication, long-distance relationships can grow and flourish. Many of the issues to be overcome in Long-Distance relationships are the same ones that couples who live together face and others are unique to our living far apart. • Maintaining our headspace• Communication problems• Sex• How can we serve our Dominant even while we are not with them?• How can we help our submissive grow and be strong? • Going to Play Parties and other social situations alone.In this class, we will share some of the special challenges we have faced and the creative solutions that we use to make our relationship stronger while living 6,500 miles apart. Master/slave or Dominant/submissive or Daddy/girl we are who we are all of the time even when we are separated.

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Block 7 12pm-1:30pm

Total Power Exchange via Mummification -MsSensualSadist

“You won’t be able to see.  You won’t be able to move. You won’t be able to speak.  You will feel only what I allow you to feel.   You will hear only what I choose for you to hear.  I will control your breathing.  Do you trust me?”  Sensory Deprivation and Sensory manipulation are discussed and demonstrated in this extreme form of power exchange. We will start with basic anatomy and safety issues when someone places their life in your hands. Then the fun begins

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Victorian Sense and Sensibility-Sir Gethan and His Girl Roseblu

Victorian Sense and Sensibility is a class that details the history and the background of the Victorian Modality as it pertains to Modern BDSM and Leather.  The Victorian morals and frame of mind lead to innovations in medicine, politics, social and economic growth and even BDSM.  When Some mentions that they live a Victorian Lifestyle what do you think about? is that absolutely correct?  Do you want to find out what a Victorian Dynamic is? or do you really just like the idea of formal dinners and high protocol events?  The rich history of the Victorian World contributes a lot to the community and the lifestyle has a lot more to offer than just stuffy high protocol parties and snobby turned up noses.  Come find out what the Victorians have given you or maybe start adopting some of the Victorian Etiquette into your world.

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Master Sweetie Sir…Addendum to the Leather Handbook- Master Talon and justkathy

Covered Leather Masters…”the rules”, legends, and myths provide a framework of standards and protocols for behavior, presentation, and actions. Join Master Talon aka ‘Master Sweetie Sir’ and justkathy for an exploration of the consequences of re-writing the rules…and a bit of fun too.   

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Serving Our Community- – Sir Lisa and leathergem

The basics of serving our community at large. Not just within the Kink community but in our every day walks of life. Who we are in this world and how we walk, marks the very path in how we touch different peoples lives along the way. To be a person of honor, integrity, respectful, consistent, and loyal is how we engage to influence the community.

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Protocols and Rituals. Why Use Them and How to get Started?-Master Oakman and slave diamond

This class is a discussion for every level from Newbie to Experienced BDSmer. We will talk about the differences between Protocols and Rituals. How Protocols and Rituals can enhance your daily dynamic and help you find the protocols and rituals that speak to your soul and your dynamic.

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Block 8 – 2:45pm to 4:00pm

Wrapped in Steel 201: Discussion on Advanced Knife Play Concepts- Miki Rei & ShyPuppy

Wrapped in Steel 201 is a seamless continuation of the previous class that focuses on knife play past the basics and digs into advanced concepts and theories. Through guided discussion and a breakout exercise, smaller groups will use provided examples and their own experience and expertise to design and present a unique integrated knife play session. This presentation leans heavily on the concept of “No One Way” while providing participants with solid, contextual tools to safely explore integrating knife play into other facets of their BDSM. The goal is to grow awareness of the options for personal expression through advanced knife play, and how to explore and develop those skills safely.

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Queen Takes Knight- Ms Brenda and slave arcane

The pornography industry commonly depicts submissives as lacking power, but frequently in our communities we find a strong dominant personality paired with an equally strong submissive one.  Join us as we explore one way of viewing such relationships and how they might function.  We will be referring to the codes which knights were expected to follow, and discussing how to use these values to mold a modern day power exchange relationship.   While the title may suggest strict gender roles, the concepts we explore in this presentation are not gender or role specific.  Our goal is to explain an alternative way of framing a Master slave relationship which celebrates and empowers both roles.

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The Service Side to Objectification- Kat Kay   

When people hear objectification, many of their minds go towards humiliation and degradation. In this class we will explore the various ways in which objectification does not need to hold ties to the other two, should they not be your want. We will cover mindsets, ways to use it for service, and how to use it safely in different scenarios.

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Opposing Dynamics and Integrating Them into Your Current Dynamic- Master Brandon

A Sadist doesn’t make a good Daddy, right? A Dominant or Master can’t be in service, right? Maybe. Let’s discuss it. In this guided discussion, we’ll be challenging some common misconceptions that can make it difficult to understand how to integrate relationship dynamics that are, at times, in direct opposition to each other. Expect to explore perspectives that can open pathways to more resilient possibilities, within our dynamics.

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Erotic Leathercare- Sir Luke and His victor

Leathercare is not only restorative; it can also be a sensual, intimate activity. This type of play can deepen a power dynamic through the intentional giving and receiving of service to one’s leather and second skin. Join us as we demonstrate the pleasure and satisfaction that can be discovered in erotic leathercare. Bring a partner, leathers, and any leathercare products (or bootblacking kits) available.

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Block 9- 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Rope and… – ecto gammat

Many new to rope see it as an obstacle–something boring and slow. If you have ever been at all interested in rope but don’t want to slow down your other play, then this class is for you! Learn how to have more connection and intimacy in *all* of your scenes, just by adding a little rope!

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Behind the Mask: Being Authentic When You Are Hidden – Master IceDog and slave ravyn

In many ways, we have to wear different hats depending on where we are, and what we are doing. That may be for our job(s), with family, or even in our personal lives. Yet, there is a connection between authenticity and happiness. So, what happens when those hats do not all work well together? Does that impact your authenticity? What about when you have to keep one of those hats under cover? slave ravyn will share what she has learned about being authentic even when wearing a mask.

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  • Mentors Available for this block:
  • Master Tony
  • Daddy Joe
  • Sir Big Red
  • Master Talon/justkathy
  • Yelda Tova/Dan_Kap
  • Sir Luke/victor
  • Daddy Mo/boy ciarán/boi ravyn
  • Jencat
  • Master Cecil/darcy
  • Ms. Piper
  • Master Oakman/Slave diamond
  • Ms Marilyn
  • Noelle Ma’am
  • Daddy Michael
  • amaia
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Incorporating Power Exchange into the Everyday – AJ Renard

Many couples begin their explorations into BDSM in the bedroom, and sometimes discover that they want to continue that power exchange in other aspects of their lives. If you decide to explore a PE dynamic, it can easily become overwhelming, for one or both partners. This class discusses things to talk about with your partner, common pitfalls, some easy protocols to integrate into your relationship, and strategies for starting slowly. Depending on the experience level of the attendees, deepening your relationship and reinforcing roles through protocol and service can also be discussed.

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“When One Isn’t Enough!” Co-Topping – JustRob

This class will discuss the motivations, dynamics and implications of co-topping. Real world examples will illustrate the how and whys of co-topping and touch on how to negotiate co-topping scenes. This class will focus on S&M activities as the dynamic, but the principles discussed can extend to any power exchange dynamic, it’s not ALL to the pain!

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