2022 Vendors

Anakhet’s Armoury 
I make handcrafted chainmaille and scalemaille items. Everything from simple jewelry to full armour and cosplay props. I’m able to work in a variety of metals including nickel free aluminum, stainless steel, niobium, and titanium. I also can weld stainless links. I also sell my husband’s card game the Abandons.
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Dye Addict Rope
35 colors of Nylon rope at least 1,500 feet of each color. We also sell jute rope, hemp rope, conductive jute, suspension rings, suspension accessories, pinwheels, anal hooks, butt plugs and tails, bamboo poles, low temp wax in 19 colors in candles, glasses, and one pound easy pour wax. 

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The Kink Shop
We Sell Leather toys, Rubber Toys(for Vegans), Paddles, Canes, and various other  impact implements for BDSM Play. We have Fire play toys. We also sell electro play accessories. Our website has our entire line except for a new toy, a firehose paddle.


Lil’s Clubhouse
We craft handmade pacifiers for recreational adult use in many different styles, themes, & colors with new designs dropping every Friday!

We always keep your safety in mind and follow a strict sanitation process throughout the whole process. Lead Crafter, Kitten, wears a mask & gloves, and all the parts take a trip through the UV sanitizer machine. All orders are individually packaged and safely packed for shipment. Make sure to follow us on social media for updates and special drops!

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Lilfox Toybox

Lilfox Toybox is an exotic paddle shop specializing in vampire, needle, lead shot and many other types and styles of paddles. We strive to bring the customer new and exciting products that they haven’t seen before to create new sensations. All our products are handmade from exotic materials at reasonable prices. From stingy, bloody, thuddy, and sensational. We just debuted our retractable needle paddle this year and currently are in the process of prototyping a fire paddle. Priced low to high there is something for everyone at our booth.

Lil’st Kit Shoppe

Lil’st Kit Shoppe provides a stuffie building experience for littles and their caregivers. Pick a stuffie and have it filled to your preferred level of firmness. Add cute outfits or if your stuffie needs a firmer hand, choose from a variety of stuffie sized leather collars, cuffs, harnesses, paddles, floggers, rope and much more. We love helping littles and middles leave our store with a new best friend.

Sinsual Steel
Floggers, Thumpers, Dragons Tongues, Black Hornets, Poppers, slap shots, widows kiss, carbon fiber canes as well as bamboo and other woods. We will also have donut poppers, zippers, ping ring, tantalizers, lollipoppers and many other unique items. All items are handmade and are not mass produced.

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Spring Hill Wood Works
Completely hand made Floggers, paddles and crops, pasties, restraints, collars, wooden insertables (plugs and dildos) with/without harnesses.

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Waterhole Leather
Since 1992, Buck, the founder of Waterhole Leather, has been an innovator in creating high-quality custom leather fetish and bondage gear, including collars and restraints, in a wide variety of styles. Buck is also well-known for his award-winning pony play gear, which was featured on HBO’s Real Sex series, as well as in many fetish trade publications over the years.

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