Q: I don’t understand. What is a title contest?

A: Our contest is for the Florida Power Exchange Title. It is an opportunity to show others how your individual dynamic works. Whether that be as a couple or triad. You do not have to ‘be Leather’ to run for this title. All dynamics are encouraged to run! Our titleholders then move on to the International Power Exchange Contest held each Spring at Beyond Leather. Please see the definition below and contact [email protected] with any questions or to get started on your title contest journey!

DEFINITION: Title contests (also known as leather contests, for those which are specific to the leather community) are events in which contestants compete for an honorific title which is bestowed upon the winner. They have existed since the 1970s, and may represent an bar, club or organization, geographic region, business, or an entire identity. They take all shapes and sizes from a small bar contests to major events (source: Leatherpedia)

Q:  What is the dress code at FPE?

A:  We do not have the entire hotel to ourselves YET. The other hotel guests have not consented to WWITWD. Street legal/PG-Rated is required in all public access areas including the parking lot, lobby, restaurant, elevator and pool area.   Behind our conference curtain, you can be more risque but sexy bits are still required by Florida law to be covered – sexy bits meaning nips, vagina, penis and you need at least a g-string for the crack of your booty. Please do not flash toys around in public areas.  Please do not sit on hotel chairs with a bare bottom, that’s just ew and no one wants ew; bring a towel or blankie to put down first please. We would like to be able to come back to the hotel next year so please be respectful of both the conference and the hotel itself.

If we sell out the hotel, we will update these policies.

Q: What is a Community Support Sponsor?

A: You! Events, munches, title holders, clubs, groups, individuals, businesses…you name it! Community support sponsors are those groups or individuals that want to help out. Simple as that! Sometimes it is a small cash donation (not usually), but most often its a donation of items, from water bottles to snacks, sanitizer to stuffies, condoms to gender stickers and everything in between!  Other times you or your group may choose to volunteer to do something at the event, like run the hospitality room for 3 hours and provide snacks while promoting your event/business/title/self! It’s the easiest way to sponsor! Interested? Contact us today! [email protected]

Q: What is your COVID policy?

A: COVID is unprecedented and ever evolving.  Please find the COVID/Informed consent tab on our app and website.  This information will be updated as necessary.

Q:  Will there be day passes?

A:   Day passes will only be available if the conference does NOT sell out. Our conference numbers are still lower this year and passes are selling quicker than usual. Registration is $85 for a full, all access, weekend pass and can be found on our website, www.floridapowerexchange.com

Q: Can my friends come and hang out in public areas?

A; We ask that you not invite unregistered persons to congregate in public areas of the hotel. Our attendees have signed releases that have agreed to the policies of both our Conference and hotel. Honor and Integrity come into play.  If you think your friend would like to attend please encourage them to register for the Conference. We would like to keep our relationship with the hotel healthy and respectful.  Please find security if there is an unauthorized person in public areas.

Q: Can we take photos at FPE?

FPE has a strict no device/camera policy in all areas of the Conference aside from your personal room.  At registration you will receive a sticker to put over your device camera.  We have some amazing photographers who will be more than happy to capture your moment for you!  Other persons who have declined to have their photos taken can potentially end up in your photo and that is a privacy issue. Security will ask you to put your device away. The only exception to this policy is in front of our FPE backdrop, new this year!

Conference photographers, Producers and Director are exempt for promotional reasons.


Q: Where is the event hotel?

A:   You will receive the hotel information in your confirmation email after your paid registration has been received. This is for privacy and safety reasons.  Our host hotel has new renovations in the rooms, added a huge gazebo back by the pool and even has a new machine in their fitness room!  If/when we sell out our host hotel, alternate hotels will be provided.  We highly recommend registering early so you can stay at the host hotel; it truly adds to your conference experience.

Q: Is there housekeeping at the hotel?

A:  Covid has changed alot of how hotels do things.  We will update this response as we move closer to the event and follow their policy from there.  Please be responsible in your room when staying with us. Please clean up condoms, toys, bodily fluids etc… before checking out.

Q: Do the televisions have an HDMI spot to plug in my streaming stick?

A: Yes,  the televisions in your room have at LEAST 1 HDMI port!

Q: Is there a fridge in my room?

Answer: Yes, each room has a microwave, mini-fridge and small coffee maker. Great for reheating and storing take out leftovers, snacks etc…FPE Veteran Tip: Bring a small cooler with you for things that won’t fit in a mini fridge! Got questions? Email [email protected]