Meet the Judges

FPE Contest Judges 2023

Kruella is a primal and has been out in the community for 15+ years. She enjoys a variety of play, but mostly edge play, such as blood, needles, wax, rope, knives, and electrics. Kruella is alpha to her beta, Cat and is in a pride with her husband, Thomas.

Kruella and Cat were awarded the Florida Power Exchange title in 2018 and the International Power Exchange in 2019. Due to COVID, they maintained IPE until it was safe in 2022. Together, they coined the term “Evolutionary Dynamics”, which follows a tenant of the pride, “grow and evolve”!

Master Leo (He/Him) is a Transman Leather Master. He lives by the code to “Each one Teach one” and is dedicated to serving his community with education, mentorship, and lots of fun.

Master Leo lives a 24/7 TPE Master/slave relationship with his slave, leathergem, structured in protocols and rituals involving the chemistry of Leather, spirituality, and consent-non-consent. Their deep connection fuels the energy that allows them to live unapologetically for who they are.

Master Leo is the owner of the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club, the Co-Director of MAsT-Tampa, the founder of The Leather Cultivation Project, and served as a judge for the South Plains Leatherfest M/s International Contest in 2022 and Florida Power Exchange in 2022.

mynxie has been a devoted member of the BDSM community since 2016. She is a polyamorous, service submissive, sadomasochist, leather person. In addition to her personal exploration, mynxie is deeply involved in the educational and social aspects of her community. She co-moderates OTC (Off the Cuff), “the longest running educational discussion group in South Florida” along with Newbie Night at the local dungeon. She moderates the South Florida submissive roundtable (SRT) and co-hosts the Miami Munch. She is a proud member of her leather family, Monarch Z.

Above all, education, service, and giving back to the community, her home, are at the core and heart of what mynxie does. Some of her top priorities on her everlasting journey in the lifestyle are to ensure newbies feel welcomed and local groups thrive in a vibrant and inclusive community.

Boy Luis LMHC, LMFT (he/him) is a Queer Leather Boy current residing in Chattanooga, TN. Born in northern California, but raised in Orlando, FL; he provided service to various leather communities since he started his journey in 2005. Professionally, he is a counselor that currently provides telehealth therapy nationally and internationally.

He has provided service that includes assisting leather/kink families, representing the community in pride parades/events, bootblacking, and volunteering/assisting members of the community with their local events/socials. He was awarded the “Ambassador” title from the Fantasy Fetish Fest contest in 2017 and capped in May of 2023.

Redwarrior served as Southeast Community Bootblack 2010, International Community Bootblack 2010, and was honored as the 2011 Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year. She is passionate about power exchange, heavy play, adaptive play, and neuroscience topics related to play and has also taught classes on adaptive play.

girl Nadja has been involved in the Kink lifestyle since 1993 when her love of industrial music brought her to a fetish club in Hawaii, and she was hooked. She has officially been in leather since 2021, but has been around it for years. Nadja is Trans Femme & uses she/her. She is an abdl, a leather girl, a service sub, service top and a piglet. Nadi is a proud member of the Eagle Jacksonville leather family, where she continues to learn and grow. She is owned and collared by Master/Daddy Kali, and being retired from the Army allows her to fulfill her role 24/7. She’s been a part of a poly dynamic with Master/Daddy Kali and boy Michael since 2021.

girl lizzy has been a part of the South Florida Kink Community since 2014. She is proudly collard to Sir Keith and is a part of The WOLF Den Leather Family. Additionally, she holds the role of Education Coordinator for Women of Leather Florida (WOLF), organizes the bimonthly Leather Care Social, serves as a Bootblack for Vanguard Leather, contributes to the Women of Drummer advisory board, and managed the logistics for the Women of Drummer Contest weekend in 2023. Lizzy thoroughly enjoys both learning about and educating fellow kinksters on her favorite topics, including cigars, electro play, whips, corsets, and leather care.

Florida Big/little Contest 2023

Running Aemok identifies as a polyamorous, pansexual, neurodivergent, 2-Spirit Leather person with a long list of kinks. For nearly two decades they have been an advocate and educator supporting the community any way they can by working to break stigmas surrounding mental health awareness, sex and body positivity. Wanting to share their passion and knowledge, Aemok has taught at events across the US including Florida Power Exchange, Frolicon, and Wicked Women as well as brought their rope bondage to the stages at kink and non-kink events such as the Hulaween Music Festival and Aerial Dragons. They hope to inspire others to pursue their passions while building strong, fulfilling relationships. They are a proud member of Mama’s Family, co-founded Hitchin’ Bitches Tampa and T-LAW, and is Florida Puppy 2023 1st runner up

Sir Joe wears many hats (Event Producer, Free Hugs, Head of Family, Sadist, Sir, Daddy, Dominant, Mentor, Teacher, Facilitator) but embraces all of them as part of his authentic self. Sir Joe is the head of the Misfits Menagerie Family, formed in 2018 on the concept of being one’s authentic self, respecting others, and being honest – with yourself and others. Sir Joe and his wife are the producers of Shenanigans Leather and Kink Events, hosting a myriad of fund-raising events that will be celebrating it’s 6th year. He’s been volunteering as part of the Free Hugs campaign for the past several years, traveling to Pride events all over Florida. He started the Night of Deviance to raise funds for Metro Inclusive Health’s mobile testing vehicles to get on the road again. He has a kind heart and will try to facilitate your dreams into realities whether it be fundraisers, events, mentoring, etc, but at the end of the day he is a sadistic ASSHOLE.

Sir Joe has been Doming, teaching, demoing, and mentoring in electro play for 10+ years. He has traveled all over Florida to bring this gateway kink to others.

Sir Joe is an auditory sadist, so some of his toys seem horrible, but it is because he likes the sounds… and the mental fuckery the submissive is going though. His classes have grown from talking and demoing to taking community members to the dollar store and local hardware stores; to see what they can incorporate into their own play.

Sir Joe, at heart, is about service to his community. No matter your age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation he will be there to help you in whatever manner best improves and builds the community he has worked so hard for over the years. With that said, Let the Shenanigans BEGIN!

girl panda started off her life as a slave to Master James. During that 18 year relationship was trained as a kajira/slave and in Leather protocols. In 2018 girl was released and gifted to her current Master, Alex. He has been girls rock. He proudly serves our community and encourages and allows girl to serve her community in any way she can.

girls first official introduction in the Leather community came when she joined All Jax Leather. she was encouraged her to learn more about Leather to find her path. her Mentors encouraged her to research and study Leather and its History.

girl panda is Mimi (handler) to her beautiful Leather pup foxy. she has proudly mentored girl owl, foxy, little star and several others. she has taught classes in Leather care and boot blacking. girl panda has a passion and respect for the Leather History in our community and beyond. she has been helping to preserve jacksonville Leather History and helps with the Leather History tent during the Rivercity Pride festival. she has been involved in raising money for multiple charity events. she assisted for 3 years on the Leather and kink community float. she was Pledge Master for All Jax Leather, is on the board of Florida Puppy and serves as Florida Puppy Contest Event Coordinator. she served as Assistant contest Director for Florida Power Exchange2022 and is a member of The Little Scouts of North Florida troop 352. girl panda aspires to build bridges and equity between the many broken communities out there and will continue to teach Leather Care and Leather History in order to preserve it for generations to come.

I’m Luna Cat. Formerly known as Satan. She/They pronouns. I have been in the BDSM community for over 10 years and a leather woman for 6 years. I’m sado-mas, polysexual, pansexual, and a Service top. I’ve been a princess, brat, mistress, Domme. I prefer being Domme and I am a switch. I have floated around the Tampa area attending multiple events. I am new to security for the community but I have experience from bars and clubs since 2012. I’m excited to share my firsts with an amazing group of leaders that have inspired me to come out of my shell and get involved in our community where I can. On the outside, I am a musician and a beautician. I enjoy reading novels or self help books and relaxing with a cup of tea. I’m overjoyed at this opportunity to show my community that I am here and I am proud!

I am a high-protocol Dominant with a combined authoritarian and coaching style leadership. My integrity, respectability, spiritual beliefs, and family mean everything to me. I set specific and detailed expectations, and I take power exchange relationships and protocols very seriously.

On the lighter side, I’m a storyteller. I love to have fun and to make people laugh. 

I believe in supporting local events and venues and the people in this great family we call our community.

Momma Ember Is a Poly Leatherwoman and member of the Tampa Bay Leather Community. She is CoDominant of Domun Superbia (House of Pride) and Co Founder of the Misfit Menagerie Family. She, along w/her husband & family, produces and runs Shenanigans Leather and Kink, with a focus on fundraising for local LGBTIAQ+ charities and Children’s Hospitals. Momma Ember has recently been named Florida Puppy Contest Handler 2024.

Momma is a proud member of Mama’s family, “Mama’s Lil Momma”. She identifies also as a Little, Kitten, and has often been referred to as a Brat, though she prefers to consider herself just a bit sassy. Ember’s little side,”Kittie”, is the CoFounder/Host of Tampa Littles & Middles, CoHosts the monthly Fetch, A Pup and Critter Social, and works behind the scenes for the monthly Tampa’s Leather and Kink Social, that her husband CoHosts.

She, along with others of her House, are actively building the “Florida Kink Community” umbrella, which has for the last 2 years marched in Tampa Pride, inviting any & all community members to join them. Momma’s goal is to continue to build a diverse and inclusive Leather Community.

This is roo, who is a non-binary person who uses they/them pronouns. They are neurospicey, slave in training, and most recently started their leather journey as a leather bottom under mentorship. They have been monogamous with their Mistress since April 2022. They are also a mentee of Master Oakman since March 2023. They spent their life in Canada up until May 2022, when they moved down to Florida for their Mistress and the South Florida kink scene. They enjoy helping with logistics, teaching others about the trans and non-binary population, and learning through reading and observing their surroundings. They have been involved in the kink scene for about two years, and this will be their second FPE. At their first FPE they could be found unofficially assisting with judge tending and raffle baskets. This will be their first year on the team and they look forward to the growth and learning this will bring.