2023 Keynote Speaker & Presenters

Florida Power Exchange would like to introduce you to our 2023 Keynote Speaker, boy Nick!

boy Nick, is a Queer, Trans Fem, Non-binary, Alpha Leatherboy with 25+ years of experience. Brought up in the Leather community and sitting down with the next generation; they have learned to fuse both worlds together to keep traditions alive while reminding the world we are in this for fun. As a sadist and masochist, rigger and rope bunny, handler and pup, and more; the boy has embraced being dubbed a “peacock” for their ostentatious style of play. They have had the pleasure of being one of the co-founders of the SWFL TNG, Mr. Beyond Leather 2011, a member of Mama’s Family, and vice president to Mama’s Helping Hands. They have also been one to offer an ear for listening, a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to hold, for all those in the Florida community and beyond. They always keep aiming to put community before self.

Karen Ma’am has been active in the leather/ Ds /SM scene for over 30 years.  She was Ms. Florida Leather 1997 and Ms. Florida Olympus Leather 1997. She traveled over 14,000 miles during her title year promoting the Florida leather community. Karen is a proud past member of Trident International Central Florida and served as Secretary during 2000. Karen is the founder of the South Florida Littles age play group which gives age players a safe and comfortable place to gather, learn and have fun. She is also a proud current member of Women of Leather Florida (WOLF).

Bigs and Littles and Age Play, Oh my!

Even if you don’t think littles or age play are for you, the information in this discussion will better your understanding of the topic and maybe even your own D/s dynamic. Join Karen Ma’am in exploring the dynamics of age play, littles and adult baby play by using the familiar D/s dynamic as a reference.  We will be discussing the basics of age play, picking an age, role-play scenarios, dressing the part and how to enter age play headspace. We will also cover gender play while age playing, regression and forced regression.  This will be a fun discussion with a focus on the loving and nurturing aspects of age play.  And of course, how to discipline the little, adult baby or adult toddler will also be thoroughly covered. Questions and shared experiences will be encouraged to give different perspectives on this fascinating topic.

Age Play History

In this class, we will be discussing how the ABDL, age play and littles subcultures formed in the United States. We will talk about how infantilism was first discussed in psychiatric circles, how it has evolved over the years from a disorder into a paraphilia (come learn what that word means!) and what it means if someone has a paraphilic disorder today.

Then we will discuss how communities were built.  From back page ads in magazines and online resources first available to connect people all the way through to the thriving online and in person community we have today, we will cover decades of history and how we got here.

And lastly, we will also touch on how we in the ABDL, age play and littles communities are perceived in the broader BDSM/kink community, and what that means for our continued evolution and how we perceive ourselves as part of this wonderfully diverse lifestyle. Learning about history and where we came from is a great way to feel connected to those that came before us and those that will come after. And I can guarantee you, this is not a history class that you will sleep through!

Ms Marilyn Z is a Cuban American benevolent queen, covered Master, and the matriarch of leather family Monarch Z.  She is known for blending a wicked sense of humor with her sadistic nature and kind heart. Being a retired critical care trauma nurse gives her an advantage as an edge player.  She loves finding “victims” brave enough to let her try the crazy things that go through her head. She is Ms Sunshine State Leather 2001, Florida Pantheon of Leather recipient 2003, Florida Leather Sir/boy Forebearer recipient 2005, Beyond Leather Community Award recipient 2014. Sir Tom’s award 2021.   Monthly in South Florida she moderates A View From The Top; South Florida Dominant Roundtable.  Co-leads the Miami Munch, OTC (a monthly BDSM/Leather education group), Newbie Night at The Space and the occasional LatinX Takeover.  As a proud leather woman, SM is what she does.  Ds is who she is.

Shared Scheming (aka Negotiations)

Communication and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING are the ties that will hold a scene together. It does NOT need to be clinical or boring. It does need to be clear, open, and completely honest. Feedback is essential to be sure all parties understand what they are agreeing to. Let’s discuss techniques for clear negotiations.

What is Leather?

Have you ever asked yourself what does being “Leather” mean? How can a leather clad gay man and a 1950’s housewife both identify as “Leather”?  Do you need to own leather to be considered “Leather”? How does someone become “Leather”?  Leather goes beyond sexual intimacy and for many it is built upon the traditions of service and chosen family. Aided by a PowerPoint presentation let’s discuss the myth, the legend, and the reality surrounding this subculture of BDSM.

FranklyASlut Monarch

Hello everyone! My name is FranklyASlut Monarch, but you can just call me Frank. I have been in the community since 2016 and I have been Primal pretty much since the beginning of my journey. I am a member of the house of Monarch Z, a team member for the Vanguard Leather Team, a cohost of the Miami Munch, and a member of the SFC.10 community. I am a Leatherman, a Daddy, and a Dominant.

Primal Play 101 – Discovering your Energy

This is a 101 class for kinksters who are interested in Primal play/Primal energies but do not know where to start. I take our group through the different type of primal energies, I elaborate on the type of primal energy that I practice (animalistic primal), present a demo on primal play, and end with a meditation session where the group can discover their primal totems that will help them channel primal energies in their play.

Primal Takedown – When, Where, and How to Do It Safely

In this class I share my experiences in different Primal Spaces and go through the pros and cons of each process. I will take the class through the ways to channel primal energies into a takedown situation in a way that will mitigate the dangers of throwing down while jam packed with primal energy. I would set the ground rules to set up a primal takedown space and how to instruct others sharing your space on how to work together to keep each other safe while having an opportunity to roll around and release their energy. This class ends with a small demonstration of a run of the mill primal takedown while in the primal space we have created.

Master Vick and Lady Elsa are passionate about the Leather/BDSM community, about queer and pansexual spaces, and about helping others grow and thrive in those worlds. Master Vick, Indiana Ms. Leather Pride 2016, is a spiritually oriented Native American energy worker with roots in Blackfoot and Cherokee traditions and practices, and a southern gentleman leatherdyke with a seriously sadistic streak in the dungeon. His community service has included founding and producing Indiana Leather Pride Weekend and two terms as president of Indiana Leather Club.  Lady Elsa, International Power Exchange 2012, has been serving the Leather and BDSM community for 17+ years, in roles including contest producer, community leader, presenter, and mentor, and in 2016 received the Leathertarian Award for long-standing service to the Leather and Fetish communities.  She co-founded and leads Andromeda, a group for women, trans*, and non-binary kinky people in Central Indiana, and serves as Membership/Mentorship chair for Indiana Leather Club.

Branding Techniques

Body modification can be a powerful ritual component to mark personal milestones, or to recognize a bond in a power exchange relationship. In this class we’ll discuss and demonstrate several branding types, including dry ice, cautery pen, strike branding, and branding with a wood burning iron.

Leather and BDSM Contests and Titles At kink events, you’ll sometimes see people wearing leather sashes, stoles, medals, or title back patches. Who are these people, and how did they come by that gear?  Former titleholders Lady Elsa (International Power Exchange 2012) and Master Vick (Ms. Indiana Leather Pride 2016) will demystify the world of contests and titles for you in this class, explaining how contests began and how they continue to support and serve the community.  You’ll learn the differences between the title systems, eligibility requirements, what it takes to compete for a title, and the duties that titleholders are expected to fulfill during their title years.  Whether you’re interested in running for a title yourself or just curious, you’ll come away understanding more about how contests and titles benefit both the individuals and the community.

MsRobinsyn: I was introduced to kink in 1989 in NYC. I have been with FPE since year 1 and have played many roles on staff: including photographer, security, and volunteer! This is my 3rd year as Director! We are blessed to have such an amazing team at FPE who make my position so much easier! I am a Leather, demi/pan, solo poly, little, brat, bottom, wifey, masochist, foxy, disabled Switch. Proudly part of Mama’s Family (Mama’s Pinky Promise) and Hard Pink Sisterhood.  I try my best each day to walk my path with compassion, integrity, and a thirst for knowledge. I want to BE better and with that, I have a lot of work to put in! I am married to my amazing life partner; we have been together for 17 years! I am a failed foster little; it’s been over 2 years, they ended up keeping me loI am truly blessed to be a part of the diversity and inclusion that our CommUNITY stands for and hope the work I put in makes a difference.

The Dom Fisherman: John, also known as The Dom Fisherman, has been a member of the community for over 16 years.  He is a former owner of the Tampa Bay Phoenix club where he currently volunteers and teaches fire cupping, blood cupping, violet wand, fire play and wax play.  When not volunteering or educating the community he runs a firearms training company with his wife Angel.  He has always been an ally of the LGBT community especially to his transgender stepson and many friends and chosen family.

FPE 101

Whether you are new to the Florida Power Exchange Family or you have been here forever, this is a definite must-see discussion.  We will be going over all of the things!

General rules, activity descriptions, explanations on how we do the things around here and a very important Q and A session to help you make the most out of the conference and have an absolutely AMAZING time with us!

MsRobinsyn and TheDomFisherman will do everything they can to help you feel comfortable, seen, and respected while you make the happiest memories here at FPE!

Master/Daddy Kali has been involved in the Leather and Kink lifestyles since 1998 following attendance at Their first Leather event in the Tampa area. They felt at home and have maintained an active presence since, always willing to learn and grow. They are genderfluid and accept all pronouns depending on where the headspace is. Interests include littles, critters/pups, impact play, bootblacking, CBT, sharps play, SSS, sensory deprivation, and many more. They are the founding Big for Little Scouts Troop #352, and They were the 2018 Florida Community Bootblack. They’ve enjoyed a 24/7 poly dynamic with boy Michael and babygirl Nadi, plus Their Handler/mentor relationship with Pup Cerberus. Causes within the Leather community nearest to Their heart are outreach and advocacy for marginalized groups, and the creation of true equity within the lifestyle.

Babygirl nadi has been involved in the Kink lifestyle since 1993 and in Leather since 2021. She is Trans Femme & uses she/her pronouns. She is a little/abdl, a Leather girl, a service submissive, service top and a piglet.  She is owned and collared by Master/Daddy Kali, brother to boy Michael, and being retired from the Army allows her to fulfill her role 24/7. She’s been a part of a poly dynamic with Master/Daddy Kali and boy Michael since 2021. Babygirl nadi has been a moderator for Watertown Kink Society’s (Watertown, NY) Discord server since 2020, and Little Scouts Troop #352 where she is the current treasurer.

boy Michael has been in the leather lifestyle since 2008.  He uses he/him pronouns and identifies as a service submissive and a little.  He is in a 24/7 poly dynamic with Master Kali Sinclair. He is in a leather house with Pup Cerberus and baby Nadi.  He spends his day running the mini farm with Master Kali and enjoys animating, building things, coloring and all things Nintendo.

Living the Little Lifestyle Dynamic 24/7

Brats are beautiful, littles are lovely, and power exchanges with the ones you love and cohabitate with are…challenging! Polyamorous households with 24/7 dynamics have very different needs when two or more participants are littles. How does the Big manage meltdowns before major life events? What does one do when your little girl calls you “Daddy,” in front of your biodad?! How do you explain the expansion of your marriage to include additional parties while at Cracker Barrel with biofamily? What about adult biokids? Meta partners? Staying in little space while your Big is working unpredictable hours? All this, while maintaining harmony, and balancing everyone’s roles with their headspaces. Hopefully O/our years of experience can help you on Y/your own journeys! (Master Kali, baby Nadi, and boy Michael)


Topher began his journey in the lifestyle in 2008. He was introduced into the Leather Community with a foundation in Old Guard without the limitations of Old Guard. Topher has won two titles, BNC boy 2010 and Sawmill Leather boy 2012. He was nominated for Puppy of the Year 2016 with International Puppy Contest and Keynote speaker at Florida Power Exchange 2016. Topher has also been Contestant Educator at Florida Leather & Fetish Pride from 2014 to 2018. Topher is currently in mentorship for his Sir’s cover. He is happily married to his partner, Master Shadow, and they are the co-founders of Florida Puppy Contest and UNITY Leather & Fetish. He is very blessed to have a very accepting biological family who inspired and supported the foundation and development of his Chosen/Leather Family as well. Topher believes in education, tolerance, bringing out confidence in and out of the lifestyle, and putting the UNITY back into commUNITY.

Embracing Our Labels

FAT! UGLY! FAGGOT! WHORE! SLUT! Many labels have been placed on us throughout our life (some by us and some by others). Whether or not we like them, accept them, or tolerate them, they still impact us every day. Let’s take a hard look at our labels and learn what they truly mean and what we can do about it. There is power in taking back the word, there is promise in a stronger tomorrow, and there are others just like you.

The Darker Side of Innocence

Lets’ talk about sex. Pup/Critter/Little are seen as playful scene dynamics, but the discussion of sex or play is often frowned upon. But let’s face it, sex can be fun, exciting, and part of the entire experience. This interactive class will look at putting the sex back into sexy and how we can open discussions about play and sex within these subcultures of the lifestyle.

Unicorn Poacher has been in the lifestyle since 2003 and publicly in this community since 2014/2015. He is Dominant of elenawho. He is the D-Type half of the 2022 Florida Power Exchange title holder. He is also a recipient of the Sir Tom’s award. He can be seen helping run the Impact station or electric station at The Original Gateway. He is a member of SFC10. He enjoys impact, fire, electric, knife, and other types of play with an open mind. Believes in sharing skills and ideas while putting learning above all play.

elenawho has been actively out in the community since 2017. She is owned and collared by her Sir, Unicorn_Poacher. She is the s-type of the 2022 Florida Power Exchange title holder. She is also a recipient of the Sir Tom’s award. She can be seen helping run the florentine flogging station at The Original Gateway Event and for many of the event is one of the first people you see walking in as she helps operate the front door. She is a member of SFC10 and Women of Leather Florida.

Poly for Play

How to navigate and understand having scenes with other people while having a monogamous relationship. Why you might be looking to have scenes with others. Learn how to navigate with feelings and limits.

Danielle Grey

Danielle started her journey of self-discovery within kink and Leather over seven years ago. Along the way, she has been grateful to be a friend, teacher, student, and community member in multiple areas of the country. While she is most often seen doing and teaching about rope and power exchange, she has many other interests and passions that she is always excited to teach and learn about. Danielle serves as a board member for her service project: “The Leather Legacy (Collective)”, an educator in her local community and nationally, and as an active participant of her local lifestyle play and social spaces.

Elegant Rope Exposure

This class will explore physical and emotional exposure in rope bondage. We’ll have both a demo and an opportunity to tie along, as well as dipping into their historical and cultural backgrounds.

The Arrogant Slave

This discussion explores the struggle of an s type that has arrogant personality traits but also has the intense desire to be humbled. We’ll start with a lecture-style portion that focuses on Danielle’s personal journey as a springboard to an open discussion. This class is open to any person who has an interest in participating in or listening to the discussion- D-types, s-types, and all those in between.

Master (Devyn) Stone is an author, educator, and JEDI consultant. He is a Leatherman, an extrovert, a Sons of Anarchy fan, and a foodie. He also enjoys organizing events, volunteering, moderating, speaking, and emceeing! He has been practicing authority transfer dynamics since 2004. Today he lives in Colorado with his property and his doll. Devyn is the author of “DAMN! That’s A Nice Ash! A Comprehensive Guide to Cigar Service & Play” and “Why I Don’t Own Them… Yet…,” offering a concise guide to negotiating authority in relationships. He is the Founder of Pragmatically Kinking and the Executive Producer for THRIVE. Master Stone has a passion for giving and receiving education. His favorite topics to speak on include productivity, leadership, consent, event coordinating, authority transfer, and neurodivergence. He believes in diversity not division and actualizes that idea by promoting strongly affirming spaces and interactions.

Find more at https://DevynStone.com

Dominance in Real Life

Dominants, D-types, and all other in-charge folx are the leaders in our dynamics. But what does it take to lead in these relationships? Join Devyn Stone, self-awareness coach and author, to get some first-hand knowledge. In this class you will discover types of dominance, leadership styles, how to get started, how to design the dynamic you want, and of course – some mythbusting!

Space to Share: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Creating Affirming Spaces

Are you getting complaints or just looking to improve anywhere you can, let’s do it! Creating a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and affirming space is a huge job but it is one that truly makes a space the best it can be. If you want to improve your space for everyone – this class is for you. We cover things like conscious language, signage, rules, protocols, and mindset.


Travis has been active in the lifestyle since 1992.  Spending about 15 years in the Tidewater region of Virginia, he has been in Athens, Georgia, since 2014. He hosts a munch and other lifestyle activities in Athens and is active in the greater Atlanta BDSM Community. Post COVID he opened Elegant Suffering, a kink-based business that provides popup dungeon spaces, formal High Protocol events and other in person kink events in Georgia and the South-East. As a student of the lifestyle, not only of practical hands-on techniques, but also of the history and the social evolution of all things BDSM and kink related, Travis is always up to grab a coffee or beer and talk in person or on the net to exchange ideas about the “what and the why” of what we do. Attending events to both learn from others and to share, he is trained as an adult educator and is an accomplished public speaker, bridging professional training with kink life training providing his take on educational topics to the BDSM world. With hands on edge play experience, he tends to teach more advanced classes providing a framework for “safer play” using PRICK vs SSC

Abduction and Interrogation

Discuss CNC in general and how Interrogation falls under the CNC umbrella. What are the critical elements to a successful interrogation. How do you stage the scene from setup to finish to aftercare, what are some of the physical and mental dangers that a scene of this intensity can pose.

Cigar Service

From a Corona to a Grande, cutters, punches, torches, ring size and from a Claro to an Oscuro let’s talk cigars. How to care for them in your humidor, how to enjoy them. Then let’s talk service, what does cigar service look like, how do you incorporate it into your event or your dynamic.

(This class will be out by the pool)

Blk_Diamond has been an active member of the St. Louis community for more than 12 years and with his slave, His_Amira, is the 2022 Midwest Power Exchange title holder. A jack-of-all trades, Blk_Diamond is best known for his skills as an impact and rope top. His own unique style of impact play is based on over 15 years of martial arts training and emphasizes body mechanics, timing, and rhythm. As a rigger, he combines Western ties with more traditional Shibari techniques to create functional and challenging sequences. His many other passions and talents include knife play, fear and mind-fuckery, wax play, and of course, power exchange, M/S and Gor. As a lifelong learner, he is always adding to his sadistic arsenal, and invites you to join him and add to yours! As an instructor Blk_Diamond ensures his classes are interactive, and with his trademark sadistic sense of humor, you are sure to leave with several good laughs in addition to a new outlook on play.

His_Amira, with her Master, Blk_Diamond, is the 2022 Midwest power exchange title holder. She has served at her Master’s side as his collared slave for the last 3 years and is honored to be his co-presenter. She is an experienced rope and impact bottom with insights on active bottoming and developing communication skills. She is most passionate about connecting with other s-types on the topics of power exchange and enjoys sharing knowledge on all aspects of service and surrender.

Progressive Gor for the 21st Century

Gor and its practitioners have at many times been critiqued for presenting a heteronormative, patriarchal, and euro-centric model for master-slave relationships. To many this can be off-putting at best, and offensive at worst. However, “Gor” is what its practitioners make of it, and in the 21st century, to us, this means an expansive and inclusive vision that has space for people of all gender, sexual, racial, ethnic, and M/S identities. In this class, we will present the Gor we practice as an inter-racial and pansexual M/s pair, with the aim of dispelling harmful stereotypes and promoting a new and progressive Gor for the 21st century. We will cover the honor code that is at the bedrock of Gor, Gor as a framework for a high-protocol power exchange dynamic, as well as some fun slave positions and rituals that anyone can incorporate into their power exchange dynamic.

Sadistic Caning or, Respectfully, Fuck you Sir

Sadistic caning is more than just delivering heavy hits or welts. It is as much a mind game as it is a physical endurance test for the bottom. We will begin with a short live demonstration of a sadistic caning scene then go over it in detail including negotiations before the fun begins, safety first during the scene, using music to enhance your sadism, how to play with subspace, incorporating mindfucks and fear play, leaving marks, and using asymmetrical and asynchronous rhythms. This class is structured to be interactive and provide lots of time for the class to break up into pairs and practice.  So, bring your canes, bring your consenting bottoms and let’s laugh and have a good time.

Master Sable is a covered Leatherman, Sadist, and all-around Deviant Outlaw. He’s the proud owner of slave Batafurai_Dorei, a native of Jamaica, a U.S. Army Veteran, Senior Master of House Blue Flames, Commandant of the Blue Flames Institute, and Founder of THE B.L.A.C.K. MUNCH. Master Sable is the recipient of the 2018 Pantheon of Leather Award for the Florida Region and the Beyond Leather 2019 Community Award. A 30+ year veteran of W.I.I.T.W.D., Master Sable has consistently served the Leather community as a volunteer, educator, and activist locally in Southeast Florida and nationwide. Master Sable continues to share his wisdom and experience with those who seek him out.

The Sounds of Sexual Magic: Using your voice as an auditory stimulus in your scenes

Skill Level: Intermediary / Advanced

This is a demonstrative workshop with interactive attendee participation. Ever notice that when you’re not mentally engaged, your SM activities are just not as pleasurable, or your body won’t respond as when you’re “dialed in”? This is simply because your brain is just not feeling the vibes to be really stimulated and flip the “Sexy Switch” to the on position so that you can have that truly erotic experience. Although most play sessions are focused on physical activities, there are certain psychological and energetic elements that, when incorporated into a scene, can make the experience “mind-blowing”. Erotic Auditory Stimulation is one of those elements. During this workshop, I will discuss and demonstrate how Erotic Auditory Stimulation can enhance your play sessions or just be the sole activity of the scene. Participants will be instructed on modulating the frequency and tone of their voice to stimulate their partner’s brain, enhancing the erotic nature of the scene and possibly causing them to achieve an orgasm or even enter subspace without physical touch. Please note that this methodology is not the same as the “Cum on Command” or erotic hypnosis techniques. Attendees will be provided with a handout.

Sir Scorpius Wulf

I am a Leatherman who has been in the Leather community for over 7 years.  I am a Junior Master in House Blue Flames under the mentorship of Master Sable. Leather to me is about cultivating familial bonds and providing structure. It is about striving to be the best version of yourself by living the core values of Leather.  I believe in being in service to the community. One way I have done this is by helping to guide young Dominants.  I have also given through education in which I’ve done several presentations, which have included ‘Sensual Sensation Play’ and ‘Check Your Ego’, a message to Dominants. As a Blue Flames Institute instructor, I look forward to helping people not only learn more about the Leather culture, but also to help learn more about themselves in order to be the best version of themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Dominants, Dominate your Ego!

This class explores the dangers of Dominants that allow their egos to lead their dynamics.

Sensual Sensation Play

This class dives into the sensual side of Sensation Play.

Lady Amaterasu Okami

Warrant Officer Amaterasu Okami of the House Blue Flames, President and Founding Member of Onyx Pearls Southern Leather, A Leather Switch owned by and married to Sir Scorpius Wulf.   Celebrating seven years in the Leather Lifestyle and Community by volunteering at SELF, The Journey Conference, and as a Facilitator for the Atlanta Female Submissive Munch.  I am a Leather Woman that believes in the 9 Leather Core Values, Education, Supporting My Tribal Family, and Serving the Community.

Being in Leadership over a well-known organization. Onyx Pearls – Onyx Pearls Southern Leather Chapter

This class will be discussing ways to effectively run an organization.  Defining the Why, How, and Purpose.

Ice Empress (also affectionately known as K2 in the community) is a licensed real estate agent and community association manager in her professional vanilla life. She has been in the lifestyle 15 years and identifies as a poly pansexual dominant. She was active in the scene in Northern California for 3 years where she was a member of a poly triad. Moving back to Florida, she joined the Beyond Leather family as a Director of Registration and has been involved with BL for 14 years. She is a member of Sir Top and Bonnie’s family and is a member of W.O.L.F (Women of Leather Florida).

Managing Your Dominant (through effective communication)

In this class we will be discussing ways to communicate with your D or s type in the most respectful manner. This class is for anyone who wishes to engage with their partner while respecting the concepts of their power exchange dynamic.  We are all multifaceted people with differing ideas and Our words are powerful. This class focuses on communication skills to ensure that you are drawing your partner closer to you instead of pushing them away even in the midst of opposing ideas or disagreement.

Disco Tits

A married poly, pansexual, submissive leaning switch, leathergirl, who has been in the lifestyle for 5 years. She has a heart of service and never turns down a chance to serve her local community. Her passion for learning and growing not only herself but others within the community is evident as a leader of her local TNG, SWFL’s Underhill Kink.

Aftercare and drop

This is a 101 on the self-reflection needed to identify what your aftercare needs are as a top and a bottom as well as what drop is and how to prevent it.

Carmilla Le Fanu, from JBX house, is an owned pet with 12+ years of experience; this pagan/pan/poly Caribbean kinkster is a hedonist edgeplayer committed to pleasure and enabling growth and self-discovery in others. She produced “Don’t Scare The Vanillas” (Puerto Rico-2016) and currently Hosts Femmes Burning Flowers, Carmilla has been part of PR, NY and FL Alternative Lifestyle Scene. She offers classes on sadomasochism, petplay, hedonism, Mental health and PE, consent/negotiation, PE Dynamics, Service and several Topping skills.

Pet Play Pen: Feline Edition

A workshop on how to engage in feline pet space, and ideas on how to strengthen play or scenes and maintain this type of dynamic. All feline pets and handlers welcome.

HANDS ON MASOCHIST: How to Build Pain Stamina and Resilience to Endure Torment

An interactive workshop for masochists, bottoms, and anyone wanting to work on their pain endurance through self-care and conscious stretching. Interaction and participation are encouraged. If attendees want to participate, they can bring a mat or towel for the floor.

Sir Top and slave bonnie have presented over 100 workshops around the country since 2003. Together they own Beyond Leather, the International Power Exchange contest, and New Beginnings TLC a 501c3 transgender resource center. Pre-Covid New Beginnings was a surgical recovery center with over 900 patients. They hold the 2007 Master/slave title, Southeast region, were awarded the Jack Stice Community Award 2009 Leather Archives & Museum Chuck Renslow President’s Award 2010, and Pantheon Couple of the Year Award 2010. We are excited to return and present at FPE.

Creating and Maintaining Households, Leather Families and Relationships

During this workshop we will discuss the structure of our family dynamics and the different aspects & personality within our family members. There will be open discussion about the pros and cons as well as the trials and tribulations of effective communication.  Sir Top and slave bonnie will offer suggested plans for success in longevity and exit strategies when endings are inevitable.  Bring your ideas and questions to this class.

I’m Lady Sa’Vage but please call me Panda. My pronouns are She/Her/Hers. I’m a Sadistic Leather Woman and PanDragon, who loves great conversation with an educated perspective. I’ve been in the BDSM/Kink/Leather Lifestyle for over 15 years and I’m a Junior Master and full patched member of House Blue Flames. I’m the Founder and Owner of “Be the DIFference Munch. Which was created and still continues to provide free education to the community. I believe in creating safe spaces for anyone who may need them.

Controlled Predicaments

Controlled Predicament is a class that places bottoms in complex and confusing situations that are out of their control. The bottom will be staged in a state of being where the Top can manipulate, utilize torture techniques, mind fucking and sensual sensory overload. All senses will be used or deprived during this class. All while being restrained with ropes and chains.

Changing Lanes: From right to Left

How many of you ever planned out a trip, thought you knew where you were going, but when you got onto the road, you found yourself going in the wrong direction? Or taking the wrong exit? I’ll go in depth on my journey of finding myself and changing lanes on the Highways of BDSM/Leather moving from a submissive to a Dominant.

Joy Perez is a queer, poly, and kinky advocate and social activist living in Central Texas. Identifying as a bratty submissive middle, but that is not all Joy is. She prides herself in wearing multiple hats and conforming to nothing. Joy works towards demystifying the misconceptions associated with being poly, being bratty, and living in the dynamics of her 2 Male Dominant House- House of CHAOS. Joy is the board secretary for Central Texas Pride Community, co-leader of CTX TNG, and board member of CTX Darkside.

The Bratty Submissive: An Oxymoron

What is a brat? And how can a brat even be submissive? Come with an open mind and an open heart as we break down the misgivings that leave a bad taste in your mouth when you hear the word brat. And explore the ways that even a brat can still be submissive. Having a brat isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. But let’s change the understanding of what a brat really is together.

Straddling The Slash

Joy thought having 2 Doms was hard. Well call her a masochist as she’s taken on a submissive of her own! Joy will talk about the challenges of having to switch back and forth mentally to fulfill both of her roles as a submissive and Dominant. She will also explore how becoming a Dominant has helped her understand her own Doms and how that’s changed her submission.

slave Charlie Doll

Charlie Doll (they/he/it) has been a member of the Salt Lake City Leather community since 2017. Charlie Doll is the 2022 Rocky Mountain Person of Leather. As a leathergirl with varying interests, they most strongly identify as a slave, a Bimbo, a pony, a sadomasochistic switch, and an age player. Charlie is passionate about creating accessible spaces and open dialogues, even when the topic is uncomfortable and necessary. Charlie is the founder and owner of Bimbos of Utah as well as the creator of the Bimbo Pride flag. They run Utah Leaf and Leather as well as maintain memberships with B.I.M.B.O.S., Utah Ageplay Scouts, and PLAID. Charlie is #hornyforhelping and enjoys presenting as a sex and BDSM educator, organizing events, and professional sex work.

“Hey, my Tits are down here” Bimbos, Dolls, and Trophies

What is a Bimbo, Doll, or Trophy

A Bimbo is someone who uses their outward appearance and attitude to show the world a confident, desirable, hypersexual version of themselves. “A person who enjoys objectification and wants to be transformed through one’s own and/or outside forces into a living doll.” A person who uses their sexual appeal and domestic skill set to be a status symbol for their partner or for themselves. Myths about Bimbos, Dolls, and Trophies

  • Differences and similarities between dolls, bimbos, and trophies
  • Who can be a bimbo, doll, or trophy? Are there any requirements?

How can you be your best “fake” self How to dress like a Bimbo How being a bimbo/doll/trophy can help improve self-image. D/s within Bimbo/Dollification.

How to be a Homemaker: Domestic servitude 201

  • Tips for superior service
  • Habit forming and pattern creation
  • Time and energy management
  • Self-sufficiency, Managing executive dysfunction
  • Personal care tips
  • Etiquette and protocol options for continuous service
  • Working towards a common goal

Service, whether to the community or within a dynamic, has been an integral part of the kink community for a very long time. Hopefully, you’ve all had the opportunity to attend at least a couple of classes on Service 101, where the focus is on the service being performed. In this class, we are going to focus on how to effectively develop as a servant (or help your servant to develop). Some of the topics we will touch on will include personal care, how to form healthy habits, effective time, and energy management, and how to use etiquette and protocol in a dynamic involving continuous service. We will also talk about how to effectively work toward common goals within the context of a service dynamic.

Kamden T Rage has been in the art of entertaining and the makeup industry for 20+ years. They entered the leather community in 2003 and have two amazing pups, Pup Waddle Butt and Pup Badru. Kamden is known in the Tampa Bay Leather Community as Sir Rage. In 2018, Kamden received Sainthood from the Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as well as have won several state titles in the drag community including New Mexico All American Goddess At Large 2022. They perform at select venues throughout the Tampa Bay area. You can find out more about Kamden by going to their Facebook or Instagram page.

BDSM: Beauties Doing Some Makeup

A “Beauty 101” that can be taken by a novice all the way to an intermittent client. We will explore how to properly use makeup to accentuate your best features to make every gender fabulous. Love the skin that you are in.

Master Aaron and slave jennie

slave jennie started her journey almost 25 years ago in the Baltimore/Washington DC area where she had the privilege of living in an area with many opportunities to learn and grow in this amazing and diverse culture. slave jennie surrendered her life in service to Master Aaron over 13 years ago and continues this amazing journey of life surrender and service. She believes that everything she does should serve the Master and together they believe that service is holistic and should always include giving back to the community, helping others on their path, as well as always learning and growing on your own journey and path in life.  slave jennie is the Assistant Director of MAsT Jacksonville NC and co-producer of Coming Together which is a monthly social and play party in her local area. She is also on the board of “The Line” which is a educational organization created by leaders throughout North Carolina to provide foundational education and ethics we all deem important in this culture. slave jennie has also created a Safe call volunteer network called “Safe In ENC” which provides discreet safe volunteers to act as safe calls for those who need it.

Master Aaron started his journey over 20 years ago in a small town in Eastern NC.  Master Aaron has been on his journey under the watchful eye of his mentor/Dad Master Roy for over 10 years. He is the director of the MAsT Jacksonville NC which has been in existence for over 10 years, as well as producing “Coming Together” which is a monthly social and play party  in his local area with the goal of providing a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere for everyone to come together.  This year Master Aaron and other leaders in the Eastern NC area have also joined together to start an educational organization called “The Line” with the idea of providing specifical educational opportunities all over NC where people can learn the foundational skills and ethics, we all deem important in this culture. “The Line has taken on Master Aarons philosophy of “Each one Teach one, without compromising the individual” Master Aaron enjoys sharing the pitfalls and celebrations that have occurred along his journey as well as learning from others as he truly believes there is no One True Way.

Achieving new heights “Raising the energy in your power exchange relationship”

Complacency and stagnation often contribute to the ending of a power exchange relationship.  How do you overcome them to keep the energy, spark, and connection in your Power exchange relationship.  Learn how to think outside the box to utilize new ways to Raise the energy in your power exchange relationship and avoid or correct the complacency and stagnation that can occur.

Finding your Boundaries and setting realistic expectations

How do you find your place in your power exchange relationship and set yourself up for success versus hurt and disappointment? Do you know your own boundaries, and do you have realistic expectations?  The goal of this class is to help you identify your boundaries, ensure your expectations are realistic and learn how to effectively draw that line needed to maintain important boundaries.  We will also help you identify land mines and learn tools that can help you maintain your power exchange relationship while respecting each other boundaries and ensuring you have realistic expectations.

Malcolm and Farrah/fyrestorm

Malcolm entered the lifestyle in 2007 and began an amazing journey of personal growth, Mastery and Leather. Malcolm is a polyamarous Leatherman, Master, sadist, presenter, and producer who is passionate about education and volunteering. Malcolm has had the honor of teaching classes on Power Exchange dynamics, play techniques, and scene creation at Dallas TNG, NLA Dallas, WILL, Bridging the Slash, Dallas Mentors Program, and other amazing groups around Texas. Malcolm graduated from the Dominant Dallas Mentors Program in 2010 and after a few years he was invited to be a Mentor and eventually became an Administrator until the end of 2017.Malcolm was involved with Beyond Vanilla for twelve years, he spent the last eight of those years as Co-Director. Malcolm is currently the Co-Producer of the Texas Power Exchange Contest.

Farrah Bonnot, MS, LPC: Farrah is a therapist and sex educator and member of the kink, LGBTQIA+, and polyamorous communities, who combines extensive education in the field of mental health with lived experience in kink, power exchange and ethical non-monogamy. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy and her planned dissertation focuses on the critical issue of distinguishing between consensual sadomasochistic relationships and abuse or intimate partner violence. Through her clinical work, academic research and presentations, she strives to promote a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics involved in BDSM relationships and to help dispel harmful stereotypes and stigmatization of the kink community. With a passion for inclusivity and social justice, Farrah is committed to supporting the well-being and empowerment of all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship structure.

boy nick

boy Nick, is a Queer, Trans Fem, Non-binary, Leatherboy with 25 years of experience. Brought up in the Leather community and sitting down with the next generation, they have learned to fuse both worlds together to keep traditions alive while reminding the world we are in this for fun. As a sadist and masochist, rigger and rope bunny, handler, and pup, and more. The boy has embraced being dubbed a “peacock” for their ostentatious style of play. The boy has the pleasure of being one of the co-founders of the SWFL TNG, Mr. Beyond Leather 2011, a member of Mama’s Family, and vice president to Mama’s Helping Hands. Their aim is to offer a new style of presentation for the community.

The Responsible Peacock: The What, Why, & How to Safely Go Big in Public Play

This class will have you bring your public scenes center stage and in the spotlight. boy Nick will clear the smoke and move the mirrors to show you the ins and outs of “going big” in a scene.

Codependency in Power Exchange

This thought-provoking presentation explores codependency in Power Exchange and kink. Codependency is a complex pattern of interaction that can occur in any type of relationship, but due to the power imbalance in Power Exchange and cultural context of the kink community, can be particularly difficult to navigate. Drawing on current research and clinical experience this workshop guides attendees through the manifestation and consequences of codependence in Power Exchange and kink dynamics including examination of key characteristics of codependent behavior, strategies for addressing codependent patterns, and the impact of codependency on consent and individual mental health. This presentation is designed for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the intricacies of Power Exchange relationships, as well as individuals struggling with codependency or a history of trauma and abuse. Whether you are new to the kink community or a seasoned veteran, this presentation provides valuable insight on navigating the challenging terrain of service, caretaking, and codependency in kink and Power Exchange.

Power of Consent: Navigating Kink & Power Exchange

Consent is a fundamental principle in BDSM, and it is crucial to understand how it applies in different kink and power exchange dynamics. In this presentation, we’ll explore the nuances of consent and how consent functions in various BDSM relationships. We’ll cover the various models of consent, how to find and build a model of consent that works for you, negotiation, communication, and boundaries, and how these concepts intersect with power exchange dynamics. We’ll also discuss common misconceptions about consent and power exchange and explore ways to navigate complex consent scenarios in kink and BDSM. Whether a newcomer to the BDSM community or an experienced practitioner, this presentation is designed to help you deepen your understanding of the role of consent in kink and power exchange. You’ll come away with practical tools and strategies for negotiating consent and boundaries with partners and enhancing the safety and enjoyment of your BDSM experiences. Join Malcolm and Farrah for an engaging and thought-provoking discussion on the power of consent in kink and BDSM.

MsDDom is very active in the Atlanta community and lives in an M/s dynamic with her slave, CreamDream. She is an MTTA Master alumna who holds membership in MAsT chapters, leads Black FemDoms-Atlanta, co-leads Black Atlanta Munch, is founding member and Road Captain of Women in Leather Atlanta, as well as serves as Award Chair for NLA-I, servant for the Leather Solidarity Collective, servant for Evergreen Leather Events, and Southeast advisory for Women of Drummer. Recipient of the MAsT Presenter of the Year, SELF Community Award and SE Pantheon of Leather Award, MsDDom continues her service to the community by presenting, peer mentoring, volunteering, and curating the Black FemDoms-Atlanta podcast. MsDDom and her slave CreamDream volunteer for the Carter/Johnson Leather Library & Collection Atlanta Annex as Librarians and enjoy traveling across the U.S. and Canada.

CreamDream has been involved in alternative lifestyle scenes since 2009 in Atlanta. An active Leather man who identifies as a slave, he serves the community by advocating for positive BIPOC and male submissive/slave spaces, participating on panels, presenting at conferences, peer-mentoring, and volunteering. CreamDream also serves as co-leader of Black Atlanta Munch and as Librarian/Curator for the Carter/Johnson Leather Library and Collections Atlanta Annex. He lives his life in a Master/slave dynamic with MsDDom, enjoys the camaraderie of leather and kinky folks, and travels often to participate in lifestyle events across the U.S.

Exchanging and Maintaining Power

Discuss ideas on how to exchange power and maintain power within a relationship dynamic. Define power dynamic structures, formulate negotiation, maintain an ebb and flow of (power) exchange, prevent losing power, and how to regain power if lost.

Ala carte? Rules and Protocols (in M/s)

How do rules and protocol play out, specifically in Master/slave dynamics, when you are enamored by what you see others doing? How do you monitor that “frenzy” and manage who you are, your partner(s) are, and your dynamic means to you. Pick and choose rules and protocols ala carte style. It is not all or nothing.

Madame and Leatherwolf

Madame and Leather Wolf have a combined 28 years of lifestyle experience. Madame is a Domme with over 23 years of experience, she currently has 2 collared submissives and was mentored by Master Simon. Leather Wolf is a switch collared by Madame with some training in beginner dungeons and a few temporary Mentors in the lifestyle for the past 5 years. The Woodshed is their local dungeon, and they frequent it as much as possible when life permits. Both are looking to grow in their lifestyle and dedicate more of their time to their local community.

Opposites and how to overcome them

Age, Size, and more. Example: My partner and I are extremes in 2 ways, 1 is by size. He is 6’ 5” and I’m 4’ 11”. The other is our ages. There is a 14-year age gap between us. How have we overcome some of our differences: As a 4’11” Domme with the world’s largest brat I can’t exactly manhandle him. His submission was definitely earned. He can legitimately just put me on a high surface and not put me down if he wants to. But he doesn’t. Why? Because I’ve earned his respect. How did I do this? By showing him what a true D/s dynamic looks like. Rules have been put into place with clear cut punishments negotiated and agreed upon. Clear communication is key. We have specific phrases used to stop overstepping boundaries. He is a switch. So, what does that look like for us? There are times when he is in his submissive head space and times when he is not. If he is wearing his collar that means that he is in his submissive role. We also have pre-negotiated rules attached to different collars. He has a play collar and formal collar. He always has a choice of when he wears his collar. The age gaps. This one can be tough. As the older of us I am often seen as a predator, that I groomed him. How do we overcome this? Honestly, we don’t give a fuck what other people say or think. Our dynamic is our own and we don’t allow others to determine what is right or wrong for us. This pertains to our D/s dynamic and our lives since we are life partners as well.

Arthur and kimmie

Arthur/MyCroftM (He/Him) has been involved in the Lifestyle since the 80’s – Spending 10 years running The Playhouse in Baltimore Maryland, to being a lifestyle educator since 1999.  He has been involved in FPE throughout its lifespan as an educator, attendee, gear builder/maintainer and currently as one of the Head Dungeon Masters.  He has been in a poly relationship with his primary/slave/brat and Co-Head DM Kimmie since 2011 and loves to meet new people and share his skills.  He is NEVER the devil on your shoulder – but he IS always the nice-looking man in the suit, hat and Italian leather shoes who is offering you candy.

Kimmie has been involved in kink for going on 20 years. Experienced in Organizing events ranging from Educational Groups (Portal), Social Groups (Tampa Munch/Brandon Coffee Time), Play-parties (Fetish Circuit) and Charity events locally she has also worked with events across Central Florida and supporting many others Nationally. She has been involved with FPE since the beginning as an educator, attendee, gear builder/maintainer and currently as one of the Head Dungeon Masters. She has been in a poly relationship with her primary/Master/Daddy/Meanie since 2011 and currently Co-Heads the DM Team.  Kimmie is quirky, maybe a “bit” manic, and always making sure everything is running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.  She loves to laugh, smile, and make you feel at home.  She has been told that she is NOT a bad influence, but the Gate Keeper – Giving everyone an opportunity to come through the door and see what they have been missing.


Whether new to the Lifestyle, new to FPE or just want to know how our playspaces are (yes, we have 2 this year!) work… Join Our Dungeon Directors for a discussion on etiquette, expectations, and rules.  It’s not all “blah blah rule blah blah” They make it informative and fun!

Lady Steele is a femme lesbian Alpha leather slave with multiple neurovariances. She is an international presenter and resides in Atlanta where she is the only open, out, and practicing attorney in the United States that specializes in the issues that arise in the BDSM and ethical non-monogamy (ENM) communities. Education is her passion, and she has taught hundreds of classes over fifteen years both in person and virtually. She is the founder of the Center of Learning and School of Success (C.L.A.S.S.), the Worthless Bastards (Cigar) Club (W.B.C. – Atlanta), and The Leather Coterie (T.L.C.) and proudly leads all of these groups under the umbrella of the West Inclusive Georgia Socials (WINGS) group. Lady Steele has held various positions in both the former chapter of NLA – Atlanta and the Leather Leadership Conference.  Lady Steele is also a proud Associate Member of the Southern Leather chapter of the Onyx Pearls. When she is not presenting, Lady Steele has shared her knowledge on the KinkyCast, Kuldrin’s Krypt, Dating Kinky, Excite Me, Black to Leather, and Pink Kink podcasts.

Master Meta is a Leatherman that has been in the BDSM community since 2010. He has traveled many paths to be where he is today, and he is happy to share his knowledge on various topics such as leadership, mastery of self, Mastery while on a Leather path, needles, vampyrism, and others. He lives in the Atlanta area with slave precious (p.k.a. Lady Steele).

BDSM and the Law – With Updates from the NCSF

People participate in Bondage, Discipline, and Sadism/Masochism, all the time not knowing the potential legal pitfalls. It is time to get down to brass tacks. What legal dangers are inherent to what it is we do? The simple truth is legal issues abound when it comes to participating in BDSM and always have. It can affect several areas in our lives, including family, criminal, civil, estate planning, healthcare, and even businesses law. How can you prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario? Come find out when Lady Steele presents BDSM and the Law, which will also include the newest updates from the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom.

J. Sensei and lil_neko

J. Sensei: I am a physician and pharmacist who has been serving my community since 2012.  I am a board-certified internal medicine specialist, and I am currently doing my fellowship training for infectious disease specialty.  I am happy to be a resource for medical and medication questions.

lil_neko: I am a physician that has been serving my community since 2012.  I am a family practice physician, and I graduated residency in 2015.  I have been an outpatient physician ever since.  With my years of navigating outpatient medicine, I am happy to be a resource to my community.

Ask A Kinky Doctor

Ever had a question that you wanted to ask your doctor, but you were afraid to ask because they might not understand?  Then ask us instead.  This is a question-and-answer class that covers whatever people ask.  It’s entirely led by the questions asked.

Master Oakman, a Leatherman and Educator, has been in the Lifestyle since 1992. He collared (01) and branded His adoring slave diamond in Dec. of 2002 and they have been together ever since living a 24/7, M/s, BDSM Lifestyle. Master Oakman is a past President of S.P.I.C.E in 2004 . Past Presenter at Community Link, Y Not, The Florida Bash 2006 & 2007  & 2011 – 2013, Florida Power Exchange 2015-2022 . He has also presented at Beyond Leather 2008 – 2022. He teaches His classes on Branding, Florentine Flogging; Whip play/Cracking, Knives, Scene Dynamics, Pony play, Communication and Leather discussions. He competed in the 2012 Intl Pony Play Championships at Beyond Leather and won Grand Champion. Together, in 2010 they founded SF.Community 10, and the Dungeon, “The Space,”& SFC10 Gathering & Play Party, Whips in Oakland Park, Dark Edge & The Original Gateway Edu group. They host Groups at SFC10 such as the Mentors and Mentees discussion, Women of Leather Fl, The So Fl Littles, The So Fl sub roundtable, Ropey Goodness, Leather Culture Club S Fl, So Fl Rump Roast, Newbie Night, A View from the Top roundtable,  BIPOC Night So Fl, FemDom Collective & the Fetish Foto Club.

slave diamond has been in the Lifestyle since 2001. she’s a branded and collared 24/7 slave to Master Oakman since 2001, Formally collared in 2002. she has taught many classes like Florentine Flogging, slave positions, Fire Cupping, Whips, Suck it Up-Cock sucking class, branding, Scene Dynamics and Pony Play. she is the 2012 Grand Champion for the International Pony Play Competition. slave diamond was also a Keynote Speaker for the Florida Power Exchange in 2015.she has helped many in the last 20 years prepare for contests and was honored to be a judge for the International Power Exchange Contest in 2019 and the Head Judge in 2022 and 2023 at Beyond Leather. Past President of S.P.I.C.E in 2007. Past Presenter at The Florida Bash 2006 & 2007 (where He re-branded slave diamond) & 2011 – 2013, FPE 2015, where slave diamond was the Keynote speaker, 2016-2021. They have also presented at Beyond Leather 2008 – 2022. slave diamond, and her Master run a Private Dungeon, “The Space” in Ft Laud, they run The SFC10 Gathering & Play Party, The Original Gateway Event, Whips, Dark Edge Play Party, Diamond Guru Fitness classes, Leather Culture Club and the Ropey Goodness Group.

Pony Play- 101 -Where to start and how to giddy-up?

Where can the tack be found? Pony on the cheap? Who/What is your pony persona? Feel the gear and be the pony- Hands on- Bring your tack and/or try some on!

Scene Dynamics

This is a demo/hands on workshop for all levels. W/we will discuss setting up the scene (music, lighting etc) strike zones, ramping up, keeping the flow, cool down and aftercare. Demonstration of what a scene looks like..

Whenever Handler Chris is around, there’s bound to be treats and scritches! As your current 2023 IPTC International Trainer, Handler Chris is always looking for ways to help communities come together to have fun and learn from one another. For years, Handler Chris has been known throughout Florida as one of the Founders and Admins of NCF-PAH, Florida Puppy Handler 2022, and for building bridges within the Florida Kink Community. You can usually find Handler Chris with his partners and pups Puppy Stolas and Pup Nallen.

Stolas is a founder and admin for the North-Central Florida Pets and Handlers Organization, as well as the 2022 Florida Puppy Title holder, and competed at The International Puppy and Trainer Contest as part of the IPTC class of 2023. A Greysexual and non-binary community member they promote visibility for socially anxious, Trans, Non-binary, and Ace spectrum facets of our community, and they champion Trans and reproductive rights causes and fundraisers with their social media presence. They are a mini American shepherd from the swamps of northern Florida, and currently live in Tampa with their partner and Handler Chris.

Pet Play 101

Intro to the basics of Pet Play, including roles/dynamics, headspace, and safety.

Sir Joe, also know as Joe – The Misfit Lion has been conducting readings all over the state of Florida for several years now. He loves connecting with people and helping them on their journey. He is an empath and uses intuitive guidance to receive messages. He focuses on helping clients see a future from a healing perspective in order to achieve greater peace and understanding, asking animal speak and guides to open a path of vision and clarity to those who are seeking peace of mind. This year, he received the honor of being named Creative Loafing’s 2023 Best of the Bay Tarot Reader. Sit with him during FPE and find out for yourself what the cards have in store. www.misfitliontarot.com

Mara (they/them) 

A long time ago in a leather bar far, far away, a precocious-ly young Mara set out hoping to cruise themselves to a good night of leather and pain. They discovered love, lust, family and a calling to service that is still going strong.

Today Mara is the current SouthEast Person of Leather, and identifies as a Slave with a capital S, a proud member of the ATM Collective, and wears a host of other labels as a conversation starter: Leather, gender-queer, pansexual, and body stress ritual practitioner. They also love dancing on either side of the S/m slash reveling in being equal parts evil bastard and pain slut. 

Their 25+ year journey has been one of pushing boundaries and creating safer spaces for folx in marginalized communities, as well as empowering all people who identify on the right side of the slash. 

D/s in a Vanilla World

As D/S relationships grow many couples face the challenge of maintaining their D/S outside of the bedroom/dungeon. This class focuses on how to define expectations, establish protocols and rituals to help maintain a connection outside of scene space. By having subtle cues and ways you can continue your connection, you can enjoy thousands of private moments in even the most public of places.

To see what exciting classes & presenters we’ve had in previous years explore the links below: