2022 FPE Contest Contestants

Unicorn Poacher & elenawho

Unicorn Poacher has been in the lifestyle since 2003 and publicly in this community since 2014/2015. He is Dominant of elenawho. He can be seen helping run the Impact station or electric station at The Original Gateway. He is a member of SFC10. He enjoys impact, fire, electric, knife, and other types of play with an open mind. Believes in sharing skills and ideas while putting learning above all play.

elenawho has been actively out in the community since 2017. She is owned and collared by her Sir, Unicorn_Poacher. She can be seen helping run the florentine flogging station at The Original Gateway Event and for many of the events held at the space is one of the first people you see walking in as she helps operate the front door. She is a member of SFC10 and Women of Leather Florida. Elena has been making custom paddles since January of 2021 and custom cricket bats.

Troy Pony & Pony LaZorra

Troy Pony (Mike he/him) and Pony LaZorra (Heather she/her) are a polyamorous married
couple who have lived in Florida. They are originally from Indiana and met at a local dungeon in
Muncie, IN. They were both interested in the pony play community and that common interest
brought them to where they are today. Troy enjoys being a cart pony so he can pull people
around at events. He has been LaZorra’s full-time Owner/Trainer/Handler trainer since 2013 as
their power dynamic. Troy and LaZorra have competed together at pony events all across the
United States, taught classes and demos on pony play, co-founded the Apex Pet Play club
when living in Phoenix, AZ, volunteered at BDSM in various places across the United States
and are currently co-founders of the Waterhole Stables – Central FL with Buck.

Troy and LaZorra have switch dynamic for other kinks such as bondage, impact play, medical
play of many kinds, electro play and CBT. Troy and LaZorra have also taught classes on CBT,
sounds and needles to name a few. They love sharing their knowledge of BDSM/kinks to other
and help grow the local BDSM and pony play communities.

Sir_Axe, slave_bella & Disco_Tits

We are a poly power triad with an amazing meta from the Fort Myers area.

We’ve been active since early 2012. 

Axe and Bella have been involved in our power exchange dynamic for almost a decade.

Our poly triad began Feb. 1st of 2020 with Disco_Tits with the blessing and negotiation participation of her non-lifestyle husband.

We love teaching, talking and creating educational spaces and opportunities for the SWFL area. Helping to provide local folks the information and resources to develop healthy dynamics and negotiation skills. We have done dozens of classes and demonstrations to assist with growth and learning of  our community. 
Dynamics are our true passion. 

We currently facilitate the CC/FM Gateway Munch on the first Tuesday of the month.

We love to teach anything from basic lifestyle skills to intermediate boot blacking and leather care. To advanced S/m play techniques.

  • Disco_Tits owns and operates “not a safe word” paddles
  • Slave_bella owns and operates “ms bella sew it all”.
  • Sir_Axe loves to build play furniture.

We live by the motto: If we don’t know the answer.  We probably know someone who does!