Events In 2019

The special places and times to be seen in 2019 can be seen here – stay tuned for what is to come in 2020.

Florida Power Exchange 2019:
The Fabric of Us!

Welcome to year 7!  We are excited to share some new moments with you and  we are bringing back ones that you love!  Some new events to look forward to:


 Bootblack Movie Night: High Shine
Join us Friday, September 20, 2019 for this special presentation! 
In the dark corners of America’s Leather bars, amid the cruising and tricking Leather Daddies, boys and S/M play pigs, you can often find a Bootblack hunched over, lovingly cleaning a patron’s boots for not much more than tips that pay for their shining supplies. Increasingly, that Bootblack in the backroom is female. Please Join the Bootblacks for High shine: 15 years of of International Ms. Bootblack Movie! Produced, directed, written and edited by Christina K. Court.


You’ve asked….we’ve listened and we are bringing it baaaaaacccckkkkk.
FPE Thursday night will be going old school!  We will be bringing back Iron Dom, the subbie Olympics AND Pajama and Popcorn Movie night.
Sign ups are going on for Iron Dom and Movie Choice… make sure you vote and sign up today! Thursday night in the main ball room!

         Calling All pups!  Get ready for some ruckus and play!  Stay tuned for details!!

  1. FPE Art Night Gala: Dress up (or come casual if that’s your thing) and join us for our Friday Night Art Gala. There will be local artists showcasing their work in Artist Row, as well as an opportunity for you to partake in a community two art projects.  Friday 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  2. Lil’s Activity Room: You spoke and we answered! This year we are bringing back our Lil”s room dedicated to bringing out your inner little!  This room will be open during con hours and will have free play and planned activities. Spend some time coloring, playing video games or playing games. During the weekend there will be a meet & greet, coloring contest, a dance party, a movie & popcorn party, crafts and so much more!  Check out the weekend schedule for all the planned activities and get ready to have some fun!
  3. Early Bird Game: FPE attendee The Fabric of Us BINGO Game We all have individual journeys and when our lives intertwine, blending to make us stronger, we create a beautiful tapestry; we call “Community”. Let us get to know each other a little better, and build some “Community” through a fun quick game! Bingo cards will be available during registration and need to be turned in before IRON DOM Thursday night! Have fun with it! Thursday 2pm – 6pm
  4. Pool Party and Karaoke: It’s back! For the 7th year running, come out and join your fellow attendees with a relaxing time at the pool. Sing some songs, enjoy the cool waters and just let the world fade away!  Thursday 4pm  – 9pm
  5. Recovery in the Lifestyle Meeting: Join your fellow attendees in this supportive meeting during the weekend. Friday & Saturday 9:00pm – 10:00pm
  6. This is just a starting list of what to expect for year 7! Keep coming back for updates!!
    *Although we do our best, sometimes changes happen.
    We call them Plot Twists.  Download the Yapp App to avoid missing important changes to the schedule