Florida Big/little Contest

Florida Power Exchange proudly announces that we will be accepting applications for the Florida little and Florida Big titles to represent our region at the International little/Big contest in 2024! The Florida little/Big contest will be held on Thursday, November 30, 2023 at the Florida Power Exchange Conference Weekend! For more information please contact [email protected]

2023 Contestants

Master/Daddy Kali has been involved in the Leather and Kink lifestyles since 1998 following attendance at Their first Leather event in the Tampa area. They felt at home and have maintained an active presence since, always willing to learn and grow. They are agender and have accepted that They’re not good at any gender, thank you very much! Interests include littles, critters/pups, impact play, bootblacking, CBT, sharps play, SSS, sensory deprivation, and many more. They are the founding Big for Little Scouts Troop #352, and They were the 2018 Florida Community Bootblack. They’ve enjoyed a 24/7 poly dynamic with boy Michael since 2007, babygirl Nadi since 2021,  plus Their Handler/mentor relationship with Pup Cerberus since 2019, and mentorship with girl Stars. Causes within the Leather community nearest to Their heart are outreach and advocacy for marginalized groups, and the creation of true equity within the lifestyle.

Karen Ma’am has been active in the leather/BDSM/kink community for over 30 years. She was Ms. Florida Leather 1997 and Ms. Florida Olympus Leather 1997. She traveled over 14,000 miles during her title year promoting the Florida leather community. Karen is a proud past member of Trident International Central Florida and served as Secretary during 2000. Karen is the founder of the South Florida Littles age play group (established in 2012) which gives age players a safe and comfortable place to gather, learn and have fun. She is also a proud current member of Women of Leather Florida (WOLF).

I am Little Lady Aalyanna, but you can call my Lil Aaly. I identify as a neurodivergent Poly Pansexual Polysexual Sadistic Little. My pronouns are she/her. I have been with my Daddy since 1999, and with my middle sister since 2002. I have been in the lifestyle since 1996 and have been teaching since 2011.

I have taught at FPE, Florida Leather & Fetish Pride, Fetcon, WOLF, EPIC, DOMCOM (LOLA), Southeast Leather Fest, KCO, FLAC. I have taught Violet Wand, Anticipatory Service, Before & After Care, Safety & Personal Accountability, and A Little You.

Dungeon play is special for me I love topping with the violet wand and knife play. I also love submitting for electroplay of all kinds, knife play, flogger play, and fear play.

One of favorite passions, is creating littles space for littles at conventions. I love it when they walk into a room that is designed for them and that smile that lights their face. This single act of service for the community brings me so much joy