Sunday Class Descriptions

9:00 am- 11 am Sunday Classes

Diversity Across The Lifestyle (PANEL) –  Panel lead by Master Trisklean

Diversity Across the Lifestyle Interactive Discussion Panel-Each of us entered the “Lifestyle” (Leather, Power Exchange, BDSM, Fetish, Kink, etc.) by navigating our own personal course: Our diverse paths have been intricately woven, stemming from personal reflection of those who came before us who were willing to pass along their stories and experiences. While we identify differently, our core layers provide vast spectrums of cross over, each to be respected and honored regardless of personal resonation across varied expressions.Join us for a facilitated conversation that will surely demystify common misnomers as we provide a glimpse into the realms in which we evolve, gaining a deeper understanding that there is NO “One True Way”. Sparking personal journeys from distinct perspectives gleaned from our independent histories and backgrounds.