2022 Judges & Tallymasters


Marilyn Z

A Cuban American benevolent queen and a covered Master, known for blending a wicked sense of humor with her sadistic nature and kind heart. Marilyn is an edge player who claims her history as a critical care trauma nurse gives her an advantage. She loves finding “victims” brave enough to let her try the crazy things that go through her head. She is Ms Sunshine State Leather 2001, Florida Pantheon of Leather recipient 2003,   Florida Leather Sir/boy Forebearer recipient 2005, Beyond Leather Community Award recipient 2014   Presently the moderator for A View From The Top; South Florida Dominant Roundtable.  She also co-leads the Miami Munch, OTC a monthly education group, Newbie Night and LatinX Takeover.  As a proud leather woman, SM is what she does.  Ds is who she is.

Switch Jake 

Switch Jake has been involved with the BDSM community since 2001. A very long time ago, he came out to his parents. He we subsequently asked to leave the family and never come back. It was the BDSM community that gave him a sense of purpose and meaning. He has taken that energy and hopes that the community as a whole is proud of what he has become.

As an educator he has taught all over the United States and Canada on a variety of topics. Not solely limited to BDSM venues, Switch Jake has also taught in vanilla establishments including colleges and universities for any groups that want to learn more about the BDSM and leather lifestyles.

As a leader, he is currently one of the directors for Colorado Leather Fest. He is responsible for the CLF website, all payment services and then is available as a jack-of-all-trades, helping in whatever way he can at the event.

As an entertainer, he is the host of a BDSM podcast (Kink in the Chain) under the pseudonym Rope Squirrel where he gives relationship advice and interviews people anyone of interest to kink and BDSM and leather communities.

Switch Jake was also the runner-up for Rocky Mountain Person of Leather 2017 (and plans to run again and win)

Master Leo

Master Leo(He/Him/They) is a trans-masculine sadist Leather Master whose Leather roots started in Boston and NYC in the late 80’s. Taught to serve their community and to master himself by his mentors, he lives by the code “each one, teach one” and lives unapologetically in who they are.

Master Leo lives a 24/7 TPE relationship with his slave that is structured in protocols and rituals involving the chemistry of Leather, spirituality, and consent-non-consent.

Master Leo is the owner of the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club, the Co-Director of MAsT-Tampa and the founder of The Leather Cultivation Project and has served as a judge for the South Plains Leatherfest in 2022.



Mynxie (she/her) has been in the BDSM community since 2016. She is a service submissive, sadomasochist, fox, polyamorous, leather person. Mynxie co-moderates Off The Cuff, the longest running educational discussion group in South Florida as well as Newbie Night at the local dungeon. She also co-moderates the South Florida Submissive Roundtable (SRT). She co-hosts the Miami Munch and LatinX Play Party along with her leather family, Monarch Z. 

Education, service, and giving back to the community, her home, are at the core and heart of what mynxie does. Some of her top priorities on her everlasting journey in the lifestyle are to ensure newbies feel welcomed and local groups thrive.


Slave leathergem (she/her) is a queer leather femme owned by Master Leo since 1996.

leathergem is the owner of the Tampa Bay Phoenix  Club, the secretaryr of MAsT: Tampa and the co-founder of The Leather Cultivation Project.

she serves the community by teaching and being taught, being a mentor to others, and a positive reflection of Master Leo in all she does.