FPE is home to the Florida Power Exchange contest.  The Power Exchange contest is about showcasing different dynamics and allowing couples/triads to share how they “do” their dynamic. Its a chance to get a very intimate look at how other relationships function as contestants present an educational and fantasy to help share how it works. They spend the entire weekend sharing their dynamic with attendees as we encourage people to seek them out to ask questions.

One of the exciting parts during the FPE weekend is the Florida Power Exchange Contest. Each year, those that have a passion to share and educate on their dynamics become forever apart of our FPE family. We are so honored to have each and every one of them step up and share their lives with our Florida community.

The dynamics that become the FPE Title Holders embark on an amazing journey during their title year. They not only get the community support as they fine tune their presentations for the International Power Exchange Contest, but they also get to travel the state sharing their dynamics with our Florida Community.

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Past year’s title holders are:

Contest Information

Being a contestant for a power exchange contest is one of the most exciting and terrifying things you can do.

It gets you talking about aspects of your relationship you may have just let “exist” before now and may have even never really paid close attention to but under the light of the contest you begin to examine everything! This can be amazing for your relationship because you can grow in new ways, explore parts of yourselves in your dynamic that might have gone unnoticed or have laid dormant for some time due to life.

Things to consider before you apply…

Are you going to be okay with the million questions about your dynamic?

People may ask questions repeatedly; the trick is to figure out new ways to repeat yourself to help them hear you. While we all may speak English, some words have different meanings for some people, or they understand them in other ways. So, you are going to spend a lot of time repeating yourself to help others understand what you have to say.

Are you going to be able to travel?

We are not asking you to travel across the world, but across the state would be something we need potentially. FPE is Thursday to Saturday commitment – as well as to Beyond Leather for IPE where you will represent us. Beyond Leather requires a Thursday to Saturday night commitment from you if you win the regional FPE title.

Are you going to need help with expenses getting to FPE?

Most people are local to our location for the weekend conference, some others may need help getting there or paying for their expenses while there (hotel room, gas, etc.). In these cases, we suggest you find a Sponsor. Their main role is to pay for an ad in the program booklet, but they should also help you fundraise to get you to FPE. They can also be a great resource if you should win, as a location to do more fundraising at for your title year. Consider local groups, clubs, Dungeons, and organizations to approach as sponsors, especially ones you are a member or regular of.

Are you going to be okay with not getting the title?

Reality of it is we can only give one couple/triad the title. This does not mean you failed, or that your dynamic is not strong enough. We do not judge you against the others, only against what you say and what you do – on your ability to communicate your dynamic as well as show it. Sometimes you may not be as effective at communicating it as others – and there is nothing wrong with that.

Are you able to handle feedback about how to do things?

The producer and many of the Judges we choose have been title holders or have competed in a title competition in some form. We will all have feedback, once things are done, in areas we see that you need to improve or could do better. Sometimes the contest director may even give advice before the contest – they do not give it to be mean or cruel, a lot of the time it comes from a place of love and wanting you to do your best.

Want to know more?

Email us today at [email protected] for the checklist qualifications, contract to apply for you to review and start the dialog of questions that could start you on the path to competing at FPE.