Meet the Staff

Hey, I am The Daddy Michael, co-producer of the Florida Power Exchange. I have been in the community since 1995 and still growing each day. I am a proud Daddy, Dominant, Master, and most importantly a best friend to my little kittie. I enjoy teaching and have presented at events such as Beyond Leather, Southern Polyamory Gathering, SELF, SAR, Spanksgiving, Beat Me in St Louis and PXSummit. I have also been a guest DJ for local events, as well as the Florida Power Exchange. I look forward to continuing to provide a great event and a safe space for our community.

Hello, my name is Kittie. My pronouns are she/her and I am a slave, leather kitten and brat! I am also the new Co-Producer of FPE. I am super excited to bring some new ideas and glitter (figuratively, of course) to this event! I have been working for FPE since 2015 and am excited to be working side by side with all of our amazing Core staff. You will probably find me running around with MsRobinSyn making sure things are running smoothly. I have been in the community since 2015 as well, and have left my paw print everywhere I go. I have taught at Beyond Leather 2021 with my twin flame, The Daddy Michael, had little space and pet play classes for the Sanctuary, and many one on one training with close ones. I even run my own littles business called ‘Lil’s Clubhouse!’ I am service-oriented and enjoy all the things I can do to give back and help grow our CommUNITY.

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be Family.

MsRobinsyn is originally from Brooklyn, NY and was introduced to kink in 1989. MsRobinsyn uses the pronouns she/her. She is a Leather, demi/pan solo poly little, brat, bottom, masochist, foxy Switch. Proudly part of Mama’s Family (Mama’s Pinky Promise) she tries her best each day walk her path with compassion, integrity and a thirst for knowledge.

She has been with FPE since Year 1 and has volunteered as photography, security and on core as Social Media. This is her first year serving as Director of FPE and will mostly likely be found running around trying to look somewhat sane. She feels truly blessed to be a part of the diversity and inclusion that our CommUNITY stands for.

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be home.

Sir Big Red is an equal opportunity Gender-Queer, Woman of Color, Queer Mother, sensual and sadistic Femme Daddy, who is a performance and Erotic Spoken Word Artist celebrated for her ability to “wear many different shoes”. In one pair of those shoes she is dedicated to facilitating personal and communal connection and healing, and in another equally empowering and self-embracing pair of red stilettos she works on various ways to encourage, support, and evoke opportunities to accept and create language, experiences, and culture that is raw, creative, authentic, sensual, deeply intense, and intent on empowering, healing, and transforming self, relationships, and communities! With a proven and long-standing commitment to education and training, one of her current passions is creating new community connections while presenting and educating at various Community Professional, and Lifestyle events.

Jennifer, also known as Jencat, has been a member of the community for over 20 years. She has been actively involved in the various Florida Communities since 2010, including being a member of WOLF in South Florida, ALE in Jacksonville, Bootblack Director for Beyond Leather, and a Bootblack for SELF in Atlanta. She has taught bootblacking classes, from Bootblack 101, So You Want to Be a Bootblack, Sensual Bootblacking, as well as Breath Play, Abrasion Play and Knife Play classes. When she is not volunteering her time to the community, she has a small hobby farm on 20 acres with goats and chickens while also donating her time to a Hound Rescue Organization.
Jencat will be taking the Bootblack Stand to a new level this year with Drop-Off Service, online sign-up for Stand time to make sure all needs for Leather Care is met.
“If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word, it would be Centered.”

I am Anubis, 51yo, he/them. I have been involved in the BDSM/fetish/kink community since the mid ’90’s. I was trained in the ‘old guard’, have had/been Dom’s/Domme’s and subs. I was Central Florida Leatherman 2012, and competed in several other events. I am currently the alpha of a polycule; Papa and the boy live with me, the pup will be joining us when his current situation changes. If I were to pick a word that describes my aim it would be ‘acceptance’. Acceptance leads to understanding and unity. You cannot know change until you accept the things that need to be changed. Very much looking forward to working with everyone!

Check..1…2… is this thing on? If it is, then chances are you can thank an Audio Visual Engineer. My name is DJ Dan / Orion and I’ll be making sure that you can see and hear everything you need at FPE. I have been in the Entertainment Industry since 1983 and have performed nationwide since then. I am also performing a solo guitar show at the Cigar Social and when scheduled, I also host the Karaoke show for FPE. I’m a Dominant to my Sub/little wife Rio and have been involved with the community for over 10 years.

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be Freedom!

Miss Jess Lychen (pronounced Lyke-en) is an authoritarian style, high-protocol Dominant/Owner/Ma’am. She has been involved in the BDSM community for 14 years, and has been a presenter and volunteer at FPE and a volunteer at various events.

She sets high standards for herself and for her property. Integrity, respectability, spirituality, family commitment, and community service are of the utmost importance to Miss Jess.

If I had to use one word to describe what FPE means to me it would be “affirming”.

My name is Deborah (Debi) Welsh, and my fet name is rio. I have been in the lifestyle for five years. I am the sub/little of Dan/Orion. We’ve been married for 4 1/2 years. I’ve been attending and helping at FPE for those five years. I’ve worked with security at FPE, FetCon, and F.I.R.E.. I’ve also been a house elf for a couple of years. I’m looking forward to reuniting with old friend/family and meeting new ones this year.

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be togetherness.

Violet has been involved in kink for going on 18 years though most of it was in her home state of PA. She is Pan/poly/owned and experienced in Organizing events ranging from conventions to local ongoing play parties, she is excited to join the team as Vendor coordinator this year!

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be Adventure.

Hi, My name is Mia! I identify as bisexual, poly, submissive, and a bubbly little. I’ve been in the lifestyle for about 7 years, started in the Orlando kink scene and have slowly been integrating myself in the Tampa community. I was a fetish model for a few of those years and had the pleasure of working with a lot of amazing rope tops and photographers, bottoming for rope classes and intensives, and presenting for FIRE in 2016. I’ve enjoyed events like Kinky Campout, KCO, MBE, Fetcon, and of course FPE. So I am very excited and honored to give back and be in service to a community that has given so much to me!

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be love.

Angel or kaseyd has been in the community for almost 8 years. Her interest in the kink lifestyle started with reading books (no, not those ones). Her love of these stories prompted her to write her own books. She has three published books and hopes to write more soon. While learning about the leather lifestyle, she starting learning how to care for leather and uses every opportunity to hone her bootblacking skills.

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be community.

Siren has been in the lifestyle community for about 10 years. She has served her community over the years at events such as KCO, FPE, Beyond Leather, and the Phoneix Club. She’s been in a loving poly relationship for about 4.5 years and is a part of the JBX Family and Happy House. She recently found her passion of teaching and her Leather path and strives
to gain knowledge and provide support in all that she does.

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be opportunity.

Bambi & Sno from Stoner High Studios are packing their cameras & brat gear to head to Florida.. The Brat Duo will be sponsoring Florida Power Exchange 2021! Catching all the magic in the lifestyles, from candid to serious!!Goodbye Nebraska, Hello Florida!!

Hello, I’m Belle from the House of Sinergy. I am a spicy Latin switch, middle, M Hirokata’s Alpha Submissive as well as of the House of Sinergy, and masochist. I love all the things pain. I have been in the community for over 25 years and very active in the Tampa Bay area and outskirts. I am a social butterfly and enjoy meeting new faces and seeing familiar ones as well. I am active in the Hard Pink Sisterhood, Onyx Pearls SE, Florida Power Exchange, Beyond Leather, WC Jungle Gym, Little Scouts 727, and Mamas Family. I am an educator and love teaching. I have taught at Florida Leather Fetish Pride (FLFP), Fetish Con, Women of Leather Florida (WOLF), Mr, Code, EPIC, South East Leather Fest (SELF), Kinky Camp Out (KCO), and Spring Fling Leather Fest to name a few. I look forward to seeing you all at Florida Power Exchange 2021 ReUnited!

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be Learning!

I am Little Lady Aalyanna. I identify as a Pansexual Poly Sadistic Little and have been with my Daddy since 1999, and with my now Alpha since 2002. I been active in the lifestyle since 1996 and have teaching since 2011. I have been part of FPE in some way since it’s very beginning, and I have run the Little’s Room for the past 4 years.
I have taught at FPE, Florida Leather & Fetish Pride, Fetcon, WOLF, EPIC, DOMCOM (LOLA), Southeast Leather Fest, KCO, FLAC.
The Little’s Room is my passion and pride and I looking forward to creating lasting memories for all whom step foot into the Little’s Room each year.
If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be purpose!

John, also known as The Dom Fisherman, has been a member of the community for over 15 years. He is a former owner of the Tampa Bay Phoenix club where he currently volunteers and teaches fire cupping, blood cupping, violet wand, fire play and wax play. When not volunteering or educating the community he runs a firearms training company with his wife Angel.

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be education.

Kimmie has been involved in kink for going on 15 years. Experienced in Organizing events ranging from Educational Groups (Portal), Social Groups (Tampa Munch/Brandon Coffee Time), Play-parties (Fetish Circuit) and Charity events across Central Florida as well as supporting many others in many capacities

If I had to describe FPE in one word it would be Culture.

Arthur has been involved in the Lifestyle since the 80’s – Spending 10 years running The Playhouse in Baltimore Maryland, to being a lifestyle educator since 1999. He is in a poly relationship with his primary since 2011 and loves to meet new people.

If he had one word to describe FPE it would be Friendship.

Melissa aka mrsbubbles, is in a 24/7 with Daddy Jason for the past 15 years. She is all about family, both blood and chosen, and friendships. She enjoys service and volunteers in a variety of roles throughout the community. She is always evolving to discover who she is.

If I had to describe what FPE means to me in one word it would be ACCEPTANCE.