Event schedule, Presenter Bios and Class Descriptions are up!

Are you excited!?  We are!
Between kicking it old school, bringing you exciting new events within your event, being excited about meeting so many new people and sharing space with old friends…We simply cannot wait!

We have it set up so that you can look at the class decriptions, presenter bios and schedule!

We broke it down by day this year so that you would be able to know which days classes you were reading the descriptions for, it also allows us to post the more in depth descriptions we are given about the class topics without overwhelming you all at once.

For those who are hungry to see them now : Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Have questions about classes listed? Want to know more about your upcoming presenters? We’d love to hear from you!

You can comment here or reach out to us at our public FPE Facebook Page  or join the private Facebook group just for this event!
Please feel free to find us on Twitter, Instagram, Fetlife and of course take advantage of our YAPP app which will be updating you throughout the event!
We look forward to making some spectacular memories with all of you this year!

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